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HEB 2 inch Tender Tape

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Works great to hold on non-stick pads or gauze pads


HEB 2" Tender Tape works great to hold on non-stick pads or gauze pads. I also really like the 1" tape for smaller jobs (like toes). This stuff sticks to itself and not the hair. Unlike regular tape, it doesn't leave residue. It's latex free (good because I'm allergic to latex). Not only is this stuff much cheeper than the namebrands (Johnson and Johnson, Nexcare, etc.) it works better. The J&J one doesn't work well at all. It doesn't "stick" to itself very well and tends to unravel easily. The HEB version doesn't have the same problem. It does exactly what it is supposed to do. My only complaint is that there isn't a great deal on each roll, so you go through it fairly quickly (although it has as much as the name brands). I also like the fact that this is atleast somewhat "flesh" tone in colour. It's the only one i could find that came in a colour other than white. I like the flesh tone because it makes it a little less obvious that you have a wound wrapped up.

San Antonio, TX


HEB 2 inch Tender Tape

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