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HC Credit - The Help Card

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Never EVER get 'The Help Card' to pay Medical Bills


What a nightmare!  But, I have to try to make a very long story short.  My husband has degenerative disc disease and I wanted to get him a bed to sleep in that would help his back.  We put in for a drawing to win a new adjustable bed with heat and massage.  One of the stipulations of the contest was that we had to have a representative come to our house to demonstrate the bed.  So we did.  She was there until midnight and finally talked us into buying it because she told us our payments would be only $99 a month interest free... but, it would only remain interest free as long as we made our payments on time.  She was not honest about what we were getting into and what we got into was a credit card called 'The Help Card' - the amount due for the bed was placed on our new credit card.  I wasn't told this up front... she made it sound like an installment loan.  We don't own credit cards and never wanted to.  Since one of my paydays is the 1st of each month, that was the day I asked my payments to be due.  They made it IMPOSSIBLE for me to make my first payment on time... in the very fine print, it said that payment was due by 6am on my paydate and their office didn't open until 9am.  So, then the interest came and the late fees and when my next payment was due I owed $184!!!  They are the biggest ripoff company out there!!  Run as fast as you can away from HC Credit/HC Processing/Dent A Med/HC Credit/The Help Card... they really do go by that many names because they have blackened each one but keep right on ripping people off!


Taylorsville, KY


HC Credit - The Help Card

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