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Hamilton Beach
HAMILTON BEACH 29882 / HB HomeBaker Breadmaker

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I was in love for 14 months


For a year and two months I was a twice a week breadmaker and the machine was a joy. Italian bread was my favorite recipe, and the machine also handled sweet breads with a lot of mixed-in dried fruits with aplomb. It was easy to clean and the loaves slid right out of the bread pan. Suddenly it just plain seized up. The paddle would not turn. I took the bread pan apart thinking some old dough or flour caught in the spindle. Nothing found but I gave it a thorough cleaning and a long air dry. No joy. I bought a new bread pan thinking the non-stick coating gave out after heavy use, but no joy. It was the unit itself that gave out, just slightly out of warranty. Disappointing.

Allentown, PA


HAMILTON BEACH 29882 / HB HomeBaker Breadmaker

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