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HAAN Multi Steam Cleaner

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I love my Haan!


I received my Haan Steamer as a gift and I love it! I have multiple floor types in my home. Hardwood, tile and linoleum. The first test was my tiled bathroom floor, and I was extremely pleased with the outcome. It was clean! I have also noticed the grout is much brighter now with just a few cleanings! It works very well for sealed hardwood as well. It gets between the cracks and helps remove odor! I have pets so this is a MUST have! My hardwood floors are left clean, and refreshed. The most exciting thing I found is refreshing furniture and rugs! I have used it on an area rug and it looks brand new! I also have steamed an old ( but very solid and nice) sofa, it has restored it and it looks new again! It works really well for matted down stairway carpet. After the second time of steaming my stairway carpet it has become fluffed and odor free! It gives me peace of mind knowing my floors are sanitized and that is important to me! It is so easy to setup and handle and is ready to use in seconds. Fast , Easy, Clean! It comes with two micro fiber pads and attachments. I love my Haan! s



Better sanitizer than cleaner


I have five children and a husband that does dirty work outside, they all track dirt and debris into my house all the time. So after much research and reading reviews, I decided to buy the HAAN Multi steam cleaner. It is fairly simple to assemble, took me about five minutes after taking all the parts out of the box. I don't know how I lived with all this dirt on the floors for all this time without noticing just how dirty and yucky they actually were. This was a great investment. It seems to soften the dirt then lift it right up onto the pad. My bathroom, kitchen and living room areas are now clean and I'm trying to keep them that way! Maneuverability It's a fairly simple machine to push and pull. Very lightweight and easy to maneuver. Suction Performance This machine puts out a lot of steam and really loosens up the dirt, then the dirt comes right out. Versatility I love that I can use this on both my tile and carpeted floors. No more brooms, mops and heavy carpet cleaning machines. Design My favorite color is red so this fits right in to the decor of my house. Durability I wouldn't go throwing it around, but it seems to be sturdy and well built.



HAAN SI-70 Steam Cleaner works great!


We were looking at steam cleaners to try and get our floor clean. We have hard wood floors throughout most of the house. My husband tried to do some research and read about the HAAN SI-70 steam cleaner. The water gets so hot that it's supposed to kill 99.9 percent of germs. That was the main reason we picked it over other models. Several people we know have Shark's and they love them but my husband wouldn't go that route because he said they don't get hot enough to kill germs. The HAAN SI-70 heats up within seconds and is super easy to use. It comes with 2 washable cleaning pads. You attach one, add water to a little bottle, plug it in and within 18 seconds its hot and ready to use. I cleaned the laundry room first. It is tile. We have 2 small dogs that use the "puppy pads" because they are allergic to the outside. The room gets really stinky. This cleaner had the floor not only looking clean but it also felt clean. It felt like new tile that had just been installed. One of our dogs is constantly licking the hardwood floor which makes it sticky. We have tried numerous ways to get it up and nothing worked. This steam cleaner got it up and left the floor super clean! It has a hand held thing but I haven't tested it yet. It's supposed to clean all kinds of hard surfaces and it heats to 212 degrees. So far we are really happy with it! Suction Performance n/a

Dallas, GA


HAAN Multi Steam Cleaner

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