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H2O Plus Hydrating Body Butter

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H2O- a brand that I always trust


The first time I saw H2O Products was in Canada. I am very impressed by the "against animal testing" concept that this company has. Most of their stuff are made from natural ingredients and Spa hydrating body butter is one of them. This hydrating butter is made with green tea, paraguay tea, seaweed extract and vitamin E. Just for your information, if you are allergic to coconut, this butter also contains cocos nucifera (coconut)oil. This butter does not smell like coconut oil which I hate because conconut oil smells like sun tan lotion to me. Anyway, this butter is rich and easy to apply. During the dry winter, I will use it mostly on my fingers. I will try to fill my cracked fingers with this enriched cream. The rich cream penetrates well into the skin and it is not oily at all. It just gives my hands a smooth and comfort feeling for 3-4 hours everytime after I put it on. I also love the scent of the lotion, it was like lemon smell. The only downfall of this is the price of it. It is a little pricey if you don't get it during sale.

Frisco, TX


My go to winter body butter!


I have tried numerous lotions to body butters but H2O Plus Hydrating Body Butter beats them all. My arms, legs, fingers, face, neck, my entire body gets very dry and flaky during the winter time. This body butter does such a wonderful job of hydrating my skin. It leaves my skin soft and smooth. The texture of this body butter is very thick and creamy but when it applied and rubbed into the skin it absorbs very quickly. It does not leave a sticky residue or white film so putting clothes right after applying the body butter is going to be okay even black shirts and pants! It keeps my skin moisturized all day long that I forget that I even applied body butter earlier in the day. There is a slight fragrance but it is very subtle that it would not over power even the most sensitive noses out there. For the price of this product I would say its worth it because this keeps my skin hydrated and soft all winter without applying over and over like other products that I have used in the past.

Los Angeles, CA


H2O Body Butter is a great moisterizer


H2O Body Butter does a great job moisterizing your skin.  One of the ways I could tell that is that it is even good on moisterizing dry nails.  I just dab a little on the nail right after using the nail polish remover (which is what actually dries your nails out terribly) and spread it around my nail a bit and then rub it in and into the surrounding cuticle.  It leaves everything looking nice and moist so I do not have dry and scaley nails. On your skin, it seems to absorb fairly well.  If you do not like skin lotions with a scent, this one is for you because it seems to have little or no odor.  I kind of like a scent to my lotion so this is a bit of a downside to what I would otherwise consider to be a good skin lotion. I got mine as a single item in the store and it is somewhat expensive compared to other grocery store type brands but I would consider it nice enough that if it came in a package with some other bath type "goodides" I would give it as a gift.   

Lake Forest, CA


H2O Plus Hydrating Body Butter

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