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Gulf Coast
Gulf Coast Hot Tub

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Do yourself a favor and don't waste your money on a Gulf Coast


Purchased an LX5000 less than a year ago and it is already broken. The bubbler doesn't work. When you call (because it's supposedly under warranty), you will have to perform your own diagnostics, removing the spa panel and tinkering with an electrical panel and removing pipes.  In the end, if it still doesn't work, you can have them call a technician to come take a look - BUT YOU WILL PAY A TRAVEL FEE and they won't be able to tell you how much that charge will be because it will depend on who they can get to come out (in other words, there is no service contract with anyone).  Please spend a little more money and buy a spa of better quality backed by a true warranty.  Also, please beware of spa sellers out on these review sites posting positive reviews to help their business. 

Englewood, CO


Great tub, outstanding customer service!


I have owned my hot tub for almost two years and it gets heavy use, 3 - 4 people 3 -4 times per week.  After much research I settled on Gulf Coast's 11000 model, 450 gallons, 72 jets, seats 6.  I love the tub, it is powerful with 3 motors, a well designed control panel and easy to maintain.  I have had to deal with Gulf Coast's customer service twice, bot times were at night, once after 10:00 pm on a Saturday.  The service was great both times, the first call was my error and they walked me through correcting what I had messed up quickly.  The second time I called because a hairlinr crack had formed on the top panel of the tub shell, well above the waterline,  I was told to send a picture in to the service department and I emailed one the next day.  Within a week or so I had a call telling me Gulf Coast was delivering a new hot tub, which was delivered free of charge by a moving company.   As I said, wonderful service.

Chesapeake, VA


Gulf Coast Hot Tub

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