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Guild Mortgage Company

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Good once, bad once


With our first home, we used Guild Mortgage at the recommendation of our real estate agent. They did an excellent job, and our agent was extremely helpful. When we moved again, we were eager to use them again. But the second time, they did very poorly. Both we and our real estate agent asked about specific paperwork and checks that needed to be done. Guild told us we didn't need them, then came back later and said we did, which delayed our closing and when we could move into the house.



Helpful Mortgage Company


We recently used Guild Mortgage to get the mortgage for our first house purchase. Overall, it has gone very well, although there have been some weaknesses throughout the process. Our loan officer was extremely helpful, answering any question that we threw at her (and we had a lot of dumb questions, because this was the first time we had gone through the process of buying a house and getting a mortgage). She was very patient and helpful with us. The interest rate we ended up with was pretty comparable to other banks that we looked at, but a downside to Guild was that they do not publish their interest rates online anywhere. Rates were going up and down as we looked for houses, and we had to keep going back to our loan officer to find the current rates instead of simply looking online and finding the answer in a minute. But once we had the loan, the website is pretty simply to use (although they don't explain certain aspects very clearly). We could easily set up an automatic payment, and the site gives us up-to-day information on how much is left on the loan, how much principle and interest we have paid for the year, and how much escrow we have set aside. They also make it easy to add extra money onto your principle payment. There are a few options for doing this, and I like using the option of sending an electronic check to Guild from our regular bank.



Great and helpful


We have been working on buying a home and getting a mortgage recently, and Guild Mortgage has been very helpful. We had some unique situations as far as job situations, so we had several questions, and our contact was very helpful to answer them. Even when we just called or emailed to ask about a particular question before we actually had a mortgage with them, they were very helpful in answering the questions. We also one a free tablet from them in a giveaway for talking to their mortgage consultants, which was a nice bonus. Customer Service If possible, we wanted to stay with a fifteen year mortgage to receive a lower interest rate than a thirty year mortgage. Our adviser was very helpful to explain the differences between different types of mortgages as well as the pros and cons about them. They were very willing to work with us and help us get the best possible mortgage that we could.



Guild Mortgage Company

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