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Grreat Choice
Grreat Choice Double-Wide Corrugated Cat Scratcher

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Great Scratcher


My cats absolutely adore corrugated scratchers. I have no idea why, but they do. They love being able to really get a good scratch and dig their nails in and feel a good level of resistance. This scratcher performed admirably. This is sturdy and well made. The interior corrugated portion fits tightly in the base and does not fall out when scratched on, even vigorously. The extra width means the cats can climb on and really hunker down to get a quality scratch. The corrugated portion is removable, which is nice when the cardboard bits build up because you simply remove the interior and shake the base out over the trash and then replace the interior. It's also nice because when one side gets too worn you can flip it over so it's like getting two scratchers in one! The price was very reasonable, especially for a scratcher purchased at PetSmart! I highly recommend this durable and fun scratcher!

Vernon Rockville, CT


Grreat Choice Double-Wide Corrugated Cat Scratcher

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