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Groove Shark Online Music Streaming Service

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Great Online Music Streaming Service.


This is a really great place to find quality music. You can find just about every song you've ever heard. I love all different types of music, some oldies like Elves and The Beetles, eighties rock, nineties country and alternative, and some of today's music. I can find it all on this online music streaming source. I have been using Groove Shark Online for over two years and have been very happy with the service and the quality of music that I can find on this site. There are a number of features that Groove Shark Online has, but most of them I really don't use. What I like most is you can save your music to your account and listen to it every day. You can also pick your favorites, you can share a song, and like it on Facebook, etc. These features I don't use, but I guess it is nice to have for those that use Facebook and Twitter. I can even put these songs on my MP3 player, which I have been doing lately. There are times when I find a song that plays incorrectly, which all you do is flag it and Groove Shark will eventually take care of the song and delete it or fix it. I love this site and highly recommend it to anyone looking for an online music streaming source without paying ridiculous fees. You can choose a free account, or one that you pay a small fee for. I have a free account also have been very happy with it so far.



Groove Shark great for looking up songs


Groove Shark was the first 'Spotify' where you could look up individual songs and create unique playlists. I do like their enhancements on the mobile devices and their app. Easy to search and create playlists. We tend to use Pandora and Spotify more, but GrooveShark is a great resource if we are looking for a unique song.

Chicago, IL


Groove Shark Online Music Streaming Service

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