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GroVia All in One Diaper

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A good product for younger babies


I got three of these in cosmos and after only a few washing they became pilly on the insert and one got stained. I used them on a one year old and I did not think she would be able to wear them much longer. I really like the Grovia AI2's and have many of those, but the all in ones just did not seem as durable. Plus the price is so ridiculously expensive, I can't imagine using just these. I would recommend them for while going out of the house for the convenience of them being an all in one, but I don't really like to use them for much else. They also didn't seem as absorbent as the all in two's. It comes with two small inserts and I think you would need another insert for 18 months and up. There are a lot more affordable diapers than this one that are just as good or better. Most Grovia products are made in China too whereas a lot of other cloth diaper manufacturers make stuff in the United States.


Monticello, MN


Great alternative to standard cloth diapers


I really like the grovia all in one diapers. I love that the inserts snap in and you can change the insert without changing the whole diaper, however with a squirmy toddler this can actually be more difficult. I find that the inserts make it easier to rinse out poopy diapers then standard pocket or all in one diapers. I never had a problem with leaks until recently, most likely because my 18 month old is holding her pee so she urinates more at once now then she used to. I personally have only used the disposable inserts once, while on a road trip, I didn't love them but they did do the trick. I prefer the snaps on the outside to the hook and loop (or velcro) mainly because my daughter learned to take the hook and loop off just before she turned one. Leak Prevention Never had a blowout, leaks just started around 16 months seemed to be soaking through on occasion.


Newark, DE


New Grovia AI2 vs. Grobaby


I have had Grobaby diapers for some time, and there where several things about them that I wasn't crazy about. Each of these thing has been fixed in the newer Grovia AI2 diaper. My 8 month old 22 pound boy was at the largest snap size setting, and I definitely want more use out of them. He can wear the new diaper on the middle snap setting. The Grobaby insert had no lamination on its backing, which caused the shell to get soaked sometimes. Grobaby inserts have a laminated back. On the old style, the velcro would always come undone in the wash, making my diapers look older before their time. They have fixed that by adding a laundry loop to tuck the wing under for washing. This is my favorite diaper to bring with us out of the house. They are smaller than other options, and the disposable inserts are super easy to bring along with us. At home, I use the shells with a prefold. I find the Grovia diapers to be a very versatile diapering option.


Polaris, MT


My FAVORITE Cloth Diaper


I had used BumGenius AIO's & FuzziBunz (Mediums) before giving the GroVia AI2's a try. I was a little skeptical being that I had only used pocket diapers and wasn't exactly confident that I would be able to just change the insert and continue to use the same liner with a new insert. I purchased 3 covers and I have a total of 6 inserts currently. I have found that I can almost get through a day with that...sometimes only using 1 cover. I will need to add more inserts to my stash, since you need to change the diapers about every 2 hours (which is completely normal and to be expected with cloth diapering). I have the aplix/velcro style covers and I like that the velcro is trim and hidden. By hidden, I mean nothing to scratch the babies belly or legs (like the BumGenius diapers) The liners are really nice. They snap in place, so you don't have to worry about bunching or shifting. Diapers can be sized from newborn to potty training. I however think that the included insert would be too large on a newborn. If you are considering using these from the start, I think it would be wise to invest in some inexpensive newborn sized prefolds to use in place of the included liner. The diapers come with a warranty pending that you followed the washing instructions. Covers CANNOT be washed on hot like most cloth diaper pieces. Be sure to review care instructions before laundering. This is a great diaper. Comes in fantastic colors and some cute prints. Pleased that they offer some great boy prints, as many of the other manufacturers tend to have more girly styles available.


Gettysburg, PA


Grovia Diapers run small


We use grovia diapers, however with the cloth inserts not the disposable inserts. My biggest complaint about them is that they seem to run small. But this can be an advantage if you are trying to diaper from the newborn stage.  But for a bigger baby, even on the largest setting we get all kinds of drooping in the front and sagging in the back. The lack of good fit has caused many leaks for us, and I rarely reach for the diapers. Having said that, my child is bigger than your average sized kid, so if your little one is average size or smaller, than they might be a great option for you. Another complaint would be about the velcro.  They do not last very long.  But you can send them into the company and have them replace the velcro with snaps.  I have noticed that a lot of people are selling theirs on the diaper swapper boards. They also say they are not very absorbent, and I can't get them to fit my baby's shape very well.  They are an improvement over the GroBaby inserts.  


Davis, CA


Great from newborn and up!


This is our third child and while we cloth diapered our previous two, this is the first time we cloth diapered a newborn.   We bought several different styles in preparation, and trial and error narrowed the winning diapers down to a handful: GroVia, Fuzzi Bunz One Size, and BumGenius All In Ones. GroVia is what is known as an All In Two (AI2) system, with a reusable cover and cloth inserts that snap in and out (there are also biodegradable inserts, but we did not try them).  So when an insert gets wet, you simply replace it with a dry insert and reuse the outer shell.  I think it is recommended that you have three to four shells per day on hand (sometimes we are lucky and only use two, sometimes four or more).  Personally, we have six shells and 18 inserts (along with our other diapers).  Actually, half of our GroVia stash is GroBaby (the predecessor to GroVia), but the two systems are interchangeable.  We were able to use the GroVia when our newborn was probably 10 days old  (birth weight 8 lb 13 oz if that gives you a reference point), right after the hospital supply of newborn disposable diapers ran out.  Unlike some other diapers we tried, I have not had any problems with the diapers gaping at the leg holes.  I am such a fan that I have made two subsequent purchases of GroVia since my initial trial purchase!    


Sycamore, IL


GroVia All in One Diaper

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