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Grizzly Pet Products Salmon Oil for Dogs (32 oz. Pump Bottle)

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Grizzly Salmon Oil is adequate - nothing special


I give my Golden Retrievers daily doses of fish oil and it really helps to keep their coats glossy and shiny. I tend to rotate between brands (Alaska Naturals, Grizzly, Nature's Logic are just a few we've tried) and even types of oil (salmon, sardine). Grizzly Salmon Oil works just as well as any other oil we've tried. I do like that they have a bigger container (32 oz) available, as many are only offered in 16 oz sizes (which goes quickly when you have a couple of larger dogs). My one gripe is that the pump dispenser tends to leak a bit. This makes it hard to keep fishy smelling oil off your hands when you're trying to squirt salmon oil on the dogs' dinners as they're impatiently dancing around. I'd still buy this brand, but check the pump for signs of leakage at the store first. Quality of Ingredients The salmon oil seems to be of comparable quality to other good brands that we've tried, and the price point is comparable as well. Side Effects No adverse side effects to report, other than the fishy oil residue imparted to the human due to the leaky pump dispenser.

Denver, CO


Great Product


I have a short hairded dog that sheeds a lot.  So I am happy when I can find anything that helps with her sheeding.  I read online that salmon oil can really help a dogs dry skin and help the texture of the hair as well as with shedding so I decided to try this product and I am happy I did. This product has been great.  I have noticed that my dog is shedding less that she was before I started giving her the salmon oil.  One other thing I noticed is the quality of her skin also improved.  I live in a dry arid climate and I have noticed that my dog had some dry flaky skin.  The salmon oil illimated that product.  The not longer has the flakey skin.  Another benfit of the product is the fact that my dog absolutely loves it.  She devours her food whenever I put the salmon oil on top of her dry food.  She even goes back and licks her bowl clean.  I would recommend getting a bottle that has a pump on it.  It is much easier to apply to the food and then the bottle does not get all sticky and gross.  This salmon oil is well worth the money and I will continue giving it to my dog.

Denver, CO


My Dogs May Not Like It, But, It Serves Its Purpose


I have three dogs in my pack, and they all eat the same food, but, portion sizes vary for size of the dog. Though they all eat the same foods, including treats, only my maltese has had dry skin. I say, has had, simply because, **Grizzly Salmon Omega 3-Fatty Acids, **has made dry skin a non-issue with my maltese for the years she has been taking it. Prior to using **Grizzly Salmon Omega 3-Fatty Acids, **I'd counted on dog food that promoted healthy skin and bones; however, for my maltese, such products still left her underbelly dry and flaky. I knew trips to the groomer was not addressing the issue of dry skin (permanently).  I thought about the fact that my husband and I take, ugh! fish oils, and hate it, ugh! with a passion; but, we do so knowing it's a good and necessary thing. Thinking along those lines, I called my vet, and asked her if I could share my fish oils with my pack, and would fish oil help my maltese dry skin? Her reply: `NO, and YES. There are plenty wonderful fish oils on the market for dogs. We don't need the complications that can occur from giving them fish oils meant for human consumption. I use **Grizzly Salmon Oil **for my dog and her coat (collie) is lush and healthy, my vet said. You can get it at any pet shop.' I've already told you, with **Grizzly Salmon Oil Omega 3-Fatty Acids**, a dry underbelly is now a non-issue. However, my pack does not like (anymore than my husband and I) fish oils! I frankly, do not take my fish oils daily,ugh! Therefore, understanding their dislike, I do not give them fish oils daily, either! Three to four times weekly, but, only after I have held back a meal or snack, and I know they are hungry, then will I add a pump squirt of **Grizzly Salmon Oil Omega 3-Fatty Acids **to the last meal. Be prepared for a sniff, a not so nice, and very underdog look, and a walk-away. It usually takes them 20-30 minutes to figure out that this is it! We had better eat, because, she's giving us nothing else. Mind you, I always save this treatment for the very last meal ........... I found to give it to them first thing in the morning they will truly not eat it, knowing and expecting to eat something else later, they'd rather go hungry than eat their food coated with the fish oil, ugh! Note of course, the directions for serving: add daily to your dog's food according to the weight chart on the bottle, use regularly on a long-term basis. The contents: Crude fat 99.9% (min) Moisture 0.1% (min) Omega 3-Fatty Acids 29.0% (min) DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) 12.0% EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid) 9.0% Omega 6-Fatty Acids 3.0% Good Stuff, Yes! Good for my pack, Absolutely!  I am giving **Grizzly Salmon Oil** 4-Stars only because my dog pack does not like it, but, it does serve its purpose .............. dry skin is a non-issue with my maltese.

Chicago, IL


Grizzly Pet Products Salmon Oil for Dogs (32 oz. Pump Bottle)

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