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Grindmaster CafeMill

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Grindmaster Grindmaster Cafe Mill


I've had the Grindmaster Cafe Mill for six years and it's still working very well. I use it for spices, herbs, and coffee beans. It does clean out fairly well, but it's a little hard to get under the blades. The individual odors don't linger - on the bottom metal part, though, but they will on the plastic top. If you want to use it for different foods, I suggest cleaning out the plastic top, and storing it apart from the base. I like the fact that it's quieter than Braun and Toastmaster coffee grinders I've used in the past. The only complaint I have is that the plastic top is so dark that I can't see through it. I prefer clear tops so that I can see how finely the food has been ground. With this grinder, I have to stop and take the top off, and usually some bits of the spice or the coffee beans are stuck to the sides of the top and fly off.

Chesapeake, VA


Grindmaster CafeMill

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