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Greenworks 40-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Leaf Blower - 24102A

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Easy handle


More than anything, I enjoy the light weight and easy to handle features the Greenworks Cordless Leaf Blower offers. My main concern just prior to purchase was how long the battery would last because I have a decent sized yard and I had a similar model in the past that I was left a bit disappointed about. The fact that it doesn't require gas was a huge plus. It has a very nice rate of speed and is impressively forceful for it's weight and size. Using this particular model seems to make it seem like far less of a chore to bring order to my lawn. The most important thing is the battery lasts beyond finishing my front and back lawn. I must clarify though, my lawn is probably 18 by 28 feet in the back and smaller in the front. The speed control switch is on the tip of the blower - which I thought was slightly odd at first glance. I guess that feature isn't too bad - it's always effortlessly within my eyesight and reach and it isn't easily bothered if I bump it by mistake. The speed switch is not the only convenience - the blower's battery is easy to clip in and out as well and it has a rubber grip over it's plastic handle which seems to induce less palm sweat. The only thing I dislike about this model is there's no container attachment or reverse suction capabilities. The big down side to leaf blowers is that they still leave a pile of leaves left to be managed. My next lawn tool will be a bit more up to date with slightly better innovative tools. Weight Fairly light and maneuverable Performance Powerful force for size



Very Easy to Use


The Greenworks 40-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Leaf Blower is definitely a product you should invest in. One great thing about this product is that it is cordless. I can not stress enough how obnoxious it is to be working on the lawn and have to drag out the extension cord, plug it into the wall, plug it into the machine, gather the cord to your desired destination, and ensure the cord does not get in your way while you are working. The additional amount paid for this product to be cordless is definitely worth it. This machine is very light weight compared to other cordless leaf blowers that I have used. I would recommend this product to someone who typically wants to stick to the main name brands because it has the same performance as big brands without the high price tag. Me being a woman, I also like a little variety and enjoy the bright green on this particular lawn care product.



Bad product.


I originally purchased this machine because it was so lightweight. As a petite female I have a difficult time with heavy leaf blowers, so I figured this was a better option. However, the Greenworks 40-Volt Leaf Blower is a poor quality machine. This machine takes a long time to charge and then the battery dies quickly. The packaging claimed you could use this machine continuously for 70 minutes. This is definitely false. It might have lasted half the amount of time. It also claimed to blow between 100-150 mph depending on which speed you had it on. There is no way it blew that hard. This leaf blower may be okay for small areas, but that is about it. There are better options out there. Weight This leaf blows is much more light weight when compared to others, which make it good for weaker individuals. Performance Poor quality performance. It does not blow nearly as hard as it claims and the battery dies quickly. Handling Easy to handle because it is so light weight. Durability I got rid of this machine before I was able to see if it was durable or not.



Not That Great


We bought the Greenworks 40 Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Leaf Blower thinking it would be great to be able to just charge a battery and get to work blowing, grass clippings, etc. It is an average size Leaf Blower, and even thought the battery is on the bulky side, the blower is really light weight. Initial charging of the battery took several hours. I would say at least 2 to 3 hours. The overall feel of the blower is nice, it is easy to hold, and very simple to use. It seems rather durable. The specifications on this model say it has a capability of 150mph, but I think it only comes in at half that. As long as your not doing a huge job, it is ok. Also the battery did not last long at all. Probably around 30 minutes. We initially thought we had received a faulty battery, and Greenworks replaced it, but the next battery only lasted about 40 minutes. After the initial charge, it would still take at least 2 hours to full recharge the battery. We now use this one as our back up, and bought a better more powerful blower.

Stevensville, MI


Greenworks 40-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Leaf Blower - 24102A

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