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GreenWorks G-MAX 16-Inch Electric Lawn Mower

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So far this Lawn Mower has been a blessing!


Bought this for use on rental properties that I own and maintain. Most of my properties are townhouses with small areas of grass. This lawnmower is perfect for this use. No need to buy fuel which is a big convenience. Fits right into the trunk of the car so no need to haul around in a truck. Lawnmower starts right up, is lightweight, easy to use and cuts very well. I am very pleased. I use a traditional mower for my own home as it's much larger but for the rental lots, this is terrific!

North Carolina


Great mower!


My neighbor had a Greenworks lawn mower and I really loved the way his grass was cut so I decided on getting one too. I purchased the Greenworks 25322 G-MAX Mower. This mower has a nice weight that feels like I'm pushing a real machine, but not heavy enough to make me exert a lot of energy. When I tried to start this mower I had some trouble initially. I tried to pull the rip chord to start the mower, but nothing happened after 10 minutes of trying. I decided to read the directions and found out that I had to engage the power switch while pulling the rip cord to start the mower. Once I got it going this mower cut grass like a champ. I didn't have to go over areas multiple times and it maneuvered around delicate spots with precision. The 5 different levels of cutting is great, but I only use the highest level to avoid cutting the roots. The only problem I have with this mower is that the rechargeable battery is getting weaker with each recharge over the past year. I would definitely recommend the Green works 25322 G-MAX Mower.

Westchester, IL


GreenWorks G-MAX 16-Inch Electric Lawn Mower

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