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Green Tea
Green Tea Fit Diet Pills

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Green Tea Fit Diet Pills are A Great Source of Energy


I decided to try these Green Tea Fit Diet Pills because I needed some energy and wanted to loose a few pounds. I was told by a friend about Green Tea Fit Diet Pills. I was told such great things that I went out and purchased them and I was so glad that I did. These diet pills were a great source of energy for me. I had a boost of energy shortly after taking these diet pills. They gave me energy but not the kind that makes your heart race and makes you feel weird. I was able to exercise more and loose a few pounds. I was very satisfied with these diet pills, if I ever need to loose some more weight or need a source of energy, I will go back to using the Green Tea fit Diet Pills. Effectiveness The Green Tea Fit Diet Pills were very effective in helping with my weight loss process and giving me that slight energy boost to help me get through my work day and exercise routine. Side Effects The only side effect I had from this diet supplement was a headache here and there. But after a couple weeks of consistent use all of the side effects go away.



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They don;t as well as others but they still help alot. If your a beginner vitaming taker it is very good. Vitamins are very important to our daily lives, Green Tea is also very good for you. It has no side effects. I would choose this product again..I like the brand.

Savannah, GA


Green Tea Fit


At first I was leery about ordering the trial to see if they really work. I ordered them, and with any kind od dietary supplement , you suppose to exercise while using to get a great reaction. I weighed 160lbs my ht is 5'4 Too big for me. Since I have been on the pills, exercising at least 3 days out the week, and changed my eating habits, I've lost 10lbs in 2 months. These really work, as I lose the pounds, I'm toning all at the same time. Great! I have already recommended thus product with many peoples.

Saint Louis, MO


Love the Product


I purchased something through this company and then never got around to stopping the order until I had about 4 months worth sitting around that I'd never even tried. I'd read these comments and was worried about how hard it would be to stop them from sending me more ... But NO. I called 1-800-624-9971 and within seconds was hearing the message, "If you wish to cancel your order, please press 1 now." Boom ... nothing to it! Regarding the product itself, my hubby had read about green tea and wanted me to try it, and I dug out my 4 unused bottles of Green Tea FIT and handed them to him. Then he started sneaking 2 into my daily vitamin & thyroid regimen (which he gives me at about 6am with my thyroid pill and some pills I need to take on an empty stomach). For the next 3 days, I awoke feeling refreshed and totally awake and clear-headed (and no head aches, which I typically was having before drinking coffee). I hadn't had even ONE cup of coffee, and had been wondering why I wasn't feeling withdrawals from it! He had noticed how much more energy I seemed to have, and how I seemed to be a lot more energetic and ready to start the day! I LOVE this product! I'll be ordering more, since I'm getting low on it. But don't take my word for it ... call the number yourself, before ordering. I promise .. the first message (right after it says to be sure to listen to all the messages) is to hit ONE if you want to stop receiving your order. I've tried green tea a number of times .. but Green Tea FIT is a wonderful combination of Guaro, Green Tea and Acai Berry ... and it works WAY better than those 5-hour energy drinks! In fact ... I have a bunch of those I don't imagine I'll ever use ... now that I have Green Tea FIT! But if I ever have any trouble with trying to stop an order, I promise to come back here and say so.

Beaverton, OR


Green Tea Fit...not!!


**I received a free trial for this supposably Green Tea Fit. Based on my experience, I recommend folks not to resort to this product. I've tried this product for that whole period of trial and I saw no results in two weeks. According to the company, it says that you will see results in two weeks, and if you like it, to pay the full amount. In my opinion, do it and you'll get ripped off. After two weeks for me, I was charged an unnecessary amount for it...almost 80 bucks. Plus, it didn't increase my energy like they claimed...it didn't boost my metabolism...and I didn't lose a pound. What Green Tea Fit did to me was exhausted me more than ever. I was feeling way more tired than I usual was during and after taking the pills. For some reasons, I realized that I had more craving after consuming the pills. I was gaining instead of losing. I even exercised like they said. The Green Tea Fit  is a failure. Everything about this product is an absolute no-no. Plus, who the hell would really pay 80 bucks for this crap...besides me that is?!!**

Stockton, CA


Green Tea Fit Diet Pills

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