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GreatCall Splash w/ 5Star Service


While some medical alert devices don’t work outside your home, the new GreatCall Splash with 5Star Service can go everywhere. Better than a cell phone, it’s waterproof, so whether you’re out watering your garden, at the beach or even in the shower, it can go with you, rain or shine. And it’s powered by the nation’s largest most reliable wireless network, so it works wherever, whenever you need it. In any uncertain or unsafe situation, just by pressing one button, the Splash immediately connects you to a highly trained 5Star agent, who can get you the help you need. 5Star agents can dispatch emergency services, connect your to a register nurse or board-certified doctor, conference in an emergency contact, share medical info with first responders and provide translation support in over 100 languages. Now, with the Splash, you can have the confidence and security to live life fearlessly.

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I have been using the Great Call Medical Alert for nearly 2 years. I currently have the alert that is NOT waterproof and will be ordering this one in the next week or so. THIS IS BY FAR THE BEST MEDICAL ALERT ON THE MARKET FOR A NUMBER OF REASONS. First of all, I have used mine MANY times. I have a neurological disorder that requires that I have one at all times. However, the BEST feature is the ability of the dispatcher on the other end to do a conference call. Once when I had an "incident" at the gym/rehab program, the doctor pushed the button and the dispatcher called my significant other as well as my mother's caregiver. They were all on the same call, the doctor, the dispatcher, the caregiver and my partner. They were trying to figure out how to get me home. The doctor was talking directly into the device and everyone around me (the emergency team) could hear the entire conversation. It was very helpful. They came up with a plan and then they all hung up. The great call dispatcher handled it all and made all the calls. So, they did not have to call 911 in that situation. This device also has a GPS so anyone in the family on the call list can find me just by going on the internet or using their smartphone app. You can't beat the price. It is the cheapest on the market and there are no contracts unlike all the other ones on the market right now. The only downside is if you live in an area that does not have good cell service....it won't work very well. I live in a big city so it works just fine. I have no equipment at home to deal with. I attach it to my purse and when I am at the gym I have it around my neck attached to a lanyard. I tell everyone I know who has a senior relative about this device. IT IS ALSO GREAT TO HAVE FOR ANYONE WHO JUST WANTS TO HAVE AN EMERGENCY ALERT. IF YOU ARE IN NEED OF HELP JUST PUSH THE BUTTON AND WITH THE GPS THEY CAN FIND YOU! They also have a phone application that works well. People tell me I should work for this company because



GreatCall Splash w/ 5Star Service

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