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No Artificial Flavors, Trail Mix
Great Value
Great Value - (Walmart) Tropical Trail Mix

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Good Value


We typically buy Great Value trail mix over name brands because it offers a very good value for the money. It is much cheaper than the name-brand alternatives, but it still tastes about as fresh and as delicious. The expiration date is generally awhile after the day that we purchase it, so it will last a long time in the cupboard if we do not eat it right away. When we opened it, even when we had it sitting around for a little while, the bag had been sealed well, and it still tasted fresh and good. This tropical trail mix also has a good selection of dried fruits in it. We have never had a bag that had too much of one particular fruit while neglecting to have very much of other types. The bag is a good size to take when traveling on the road or hiking. It is very portable and offers a nutritious snack. We often take them with us on vacation, and they are one of our favorite snacks.



Great combination of dried fruit and nuts


This product has a tropical theme with the dried fruits and specific nuts that it uses. It does not have a typical trail mix taste, but has a sweeter, less salty flavor. The combination of flavors provided in this mix is unique and delicious. I strongly recommend this particular flavor of mix for anyone that wants a change of pace trail mix.



Great Value - (Walmart) Tropical Trail Mix

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