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Great Value
Great Value Rinse Agent

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Not Worth the Money


We have tried various rinsing agents to help prevent streaks and soapy residue on our dishes after washing them in the dishwasher. We tried the Great Value option in order to save money over the name-brand equivalents, but we found that Great Value just was not worth the money. It seemed to leave a bit of a strange taste on the dishes that we noticed when we went to use them after washing in the dishwasher. They also were not very effective at removing streaks from the dishes. It was an improvement over using nothing, but it was not much of an improvement. For us, it was not enough of an improvement to justify spending the money on it. Next time, we will either use a name-brand product that costs more but offers more effectiveness or else we will just skip the rinsing agent altogether. Personally, I would not recommend this Great Value rinsing agent at all for anyone.



Not at all satisfied.


I got this because the price between it and the name brand was a pretty large differnce, so I thought that since I have used many other Great Value products and they worked pretty well that this one would work good too, but it doesn't. I put this in my dishwashers little area for a rinse agent when all of my other was empty and started a load of dishes. Once they were all done and the drying cycle finished on it, I pulled them out to notice a weird residue all over my dishes and boy were they super water spotted all over them. I ran it again just thinking maybe the lines needed to get it in it more and work its way through. Nope, same thing. This continued until it all ran out and I never put it back in my dishes. I had to hand wash everything and dry it so that this residue would be gone. I will never use this product again and it definitely did not do the job it was designed to do or meet my expectations, this is a waste of money and will leave you doing more dishes over and over again.



Great Value Rinse Agent

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