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Great Value
Great Value Lemon Scent Furniture Polish

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Good for the Price


We have been pleased with the performance of this furniture polish, and it's low price is also very attractive. Personally, I think that it works just as well as the name-brand furniture polishes, but it is much cheaper than the other options. Combining its good performance with its low price leads me to highly recommend it. Performance When used consistently (we use it about once a week), this Great Value furniture polish does a good job of keeping furniture protected and looking clean and new. It helps cover scratches, scuff marks, and other undesirable marks on furniture (although it is not designed to cover or remove them completely). We have been very pleased with the performance of this product. Scent This Great Value furniture polish has a lemon scent, but it is a mild and unobtrusive scent. Unlike other lemon-scented products that can be too strong and overwhelming, this particular one is pleasant to smell without overpowering a person with too strong of a smell.



Keeps my wood shining.


I have a lot of wood surfaces in my household and I live in a super dry state where the wind constantly blows and the dust loves to pile up very quickly. I use this product about once a week on all of my wood surfaces and love what it does for my wood. After using this furniture polish all of the dust is gone and my wood has a brand new shine to it once again. The nice thing is with this polish that the dust takes a few days to build up again and with any other polish that I have ever used the dust is back with a vengeance within an hour. This leaves a nice citrus smell behind that fills the room and it lasts for a few days and it keeps the house smelling very nice. I like that this polish does not leave any residue behind and that it does not leave it either sticky or slick, the wood feels natural and the wood seems to absorb this polish. For the price of this product its performance is amazing and makes it such a good value and a great product to use on all of your wood surfaces that you want to keep beautiful for a long time.



Great Value Lemon Scent Furniture Polish

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