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Great States
Great States 5 Blade 16" Reel Mower

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Decent little thing


I really hate gas and electric mowers. The noise, the smell, the weight and the waste are totally unnecessary! Reel-type mowers like this Great States 5 Blade are easy to use, easy to store, dependable, safe, and great for handing off to the kids. We had a Great States mower for a couple years and recently got another reel mower from another company because it was on sale. Both perform very well and having two compact mowers that still take up less space than one regular gas mower cuts down on the time it takes to get the lawn done when you've got two people mowing together. It's a lot more fun too because without all the noise, you can hold an actual conversation with your fellow mower! Performance Excellent, light-weight, easy movement. Only complaint that keeps it from being a 10 is that it is more apt to get caught and stop suddenly on a branch (or even a gumball) than our other mower. Handling Turns on a dime. Light enough to pic up and carry if you don't want to drag it. Durability Very sturdy construction. I'm sure we will get years more out of it as long as we take care of it. (Cleaning, no water, etc.) Safety I let my 10 and 11 year old's run races up and down the yard as they mow. I wouldn't let a toddler handle it, but other than that, safe enough for anyone. Ease of Use You push it. The end. Engine Power No engine = great exercise. Mush less tiring than a gas mower too!





I tried to  only use it to mow but it is too tiring for the sort of grass I have.I have to go over the same spots all the time and it takes forever to get done.I get so tired I have to take breaks just like a hard workout time.

Minooka, IL


Never thought of yard work as quality family time? Think again!


I love the reel mower.  It is good exercise and if you keep your yard trimmed short, it is quick and easy to use.  My kids enjoy it.  We can all work in the yard together without noise, dirt or interruption.  Makes for great family time.  This mower is very handy for small yards and people with allergies will really appreciate this mower.

Woodward, OK


Great States 5 Blade 16" Reel Mower

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