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Military Friendly


  Accreditation? Regionally means colleges and university are part of that region's accreditation, there are six regions of accrediting bodies. Nationally means any college or university from any region can apply for nationally accreditation, which is one body. The Department of Education does not state one is better than the other. The difference is regionally accreditation is more expensive, don't like to accept other school's credits if they are nationally accredited. The reason why is because regionally accreditation has higher fees to be part of so that is why most of those colleges are expensive and make you pay for books to help build up the cost. Your Military credits (SMARTS or AARTS) are nationally accredited by ACE American Council of Education. This is why those schools that are regionally accredited don't except much of your military credits. The bottom line here is these regionally accredited schools want to be on base and recruit to up their enrollments but are they really there for the service member? You have to decide which route is a better fit for your self. I have two regionally accredited degrees: A. S.and a B.S. (criminal justice) Both cost me money out of my pocket, 9 out of my 70 military credits went towards my A.S. And zero for my B.S. Both degrees charged me for books and neither of them guaranteed me a job in the criminal justice world. I have a M. Ed from a nationally accredited University and I am currently working in the Higher Education Field. You make the decision. This is the top clue if a university is a good fit for military personnel: If a university can't tell you how many credits up front they will take into one of their programs they might not be likely to take any of your military credits if so very few.   Thank you,   CWO4 USMC (Ret), M.Ed



not good, DETC accredited, won't hire Grantham graduates


National accreditation will hurt you. School does not hire its own graduates. Grantham requires people to have regionally accredited degrees in order to teach. Scams the military out of millions, while hurting graduates chances at getting jobs. A degree mill. Had an 'offer' - free laptop for every three classes bought and paid for. Where's my toaster as well?

San Diego, CA


Grantham University - All degrees

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