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Grands Biscuits Southern Style

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grands souther style biscuits not just for dinner


I can't stop eating these biscuits. I have them for breakfast with homemade sausage gravy, at lunch with ham and cheese, dinner on the side, and late night snack with butter and honey. Easy to make and portable. If you haven't tried these you are missing some great biscuits.


Southgate, MI


Wonderful and yummy!


I have tried all their bisuits and rolls and really love all of the Grands products.  Grands is one of my more favorite because of the freshness and the fluffly texture.  I have tried the store brand bisuits in that look exactly like Grands products and they are not the same.  The don't taste or llok like Grands if you really pay attention.  My husband and three kids love Grands bisuits and we sometimes use small glasses and cut them to look like doughnuts and fry them and roll them in sugar and cinamin.  YUM!  They are the best.  They can be a little pricey but they have tons of coupons and if you wait for sales, you can get some really yummy Grands for a great price.  The way my family eats biscuits around here, we go through alot of them.  I always make sure I at least have one container in the refridgerator at all times.  The Grands company has been around for a long time. You can pretty much find Grands at any grocery store where food sold.  The packaging very distinct with it's blue color.  They are easy a little tricky to open sometimes and once you open them you have to cook them.  They also have Box Tops for your kids' school which you can collect from each and every box and help out your school for your kids which is so helpful for everyone.  Thank you.


Fair Oaks, CA


Grands Biscuits are delicious in many different ways!


Grands Biscuits are delicious in so many different ways and I just love them.  They are quite cheap.  You can make pizza out of Grands Biscuits or you can eat them with butter and jam for with your breakfast or use Grands biscuits in many other delicious ways.  Grands Biscuits are perfect, light, and fluffy.  They break open easily after they are cooked.  The cylander they come in opens easily and is a great way for them to be stored.  The Grands Bisuits come out of the container easily.  They are so easy too cook, all you have to do is break the seal on the container and place them on the pan, and put them in the oven - then you have some delicious Grands Biscuits to take a bite into.  Guaranteed, if you try Grands bisuits, you'll be buying them over and over again.  This could be a bad thing, if you don't want to spend all your money on biscuits, but nevertheless, at least you know there are good biscuits out there too buy!!!


Yacolt, WA


Not Momma biscuits, but Grands southern biscuits style are good.


I make biscuits and may be behind the times, but I am OK with Grands Southern Style biscuits. They are not the same as the ones I roll and cut, but they are good. They are also quick, so I can handle farming out the bread to Pillsbury. The Grands line are the big, fluffy biscuits in the tubes. If you've only had the low end canned biscuits, there's a difference. The Grands really are better, unless you want to make bread-on-a stick camping. Then, you want the cheap kind - small and not so much fat in there. Those work better over a fire. The Grands have too  much fat in there and tend to burn over a fire. Grands cook up big and fluffy in the oven, but the texture is not like home rolled biscuits. You just can't duplicate that. This is close enough, and my boys love the Southern Grands. It's much easier on me, so I'm not going to argue. They do prefer I make them, but some days do not work out for cooking up scratch biscuits. I do not use Grands biscuits when I make biscuits and gravy. That is just WRONG. Canned biscuits do not taste right with homemade gravy. They are fine with sausage or bacon or just with butter. I'm not putting pan gravy on them. Nope. Not gonna happen. On the other hand, I would not put homemade biscuits on the grill. Grands work fine there. Spray the grates with Pam spray and keep the heat medium (with a lid down for convection heat). If the grill does not heat real even, then you may have to flip the Grands or move them around on the grates a time or two. But, I find that grilled Grands biscuits cook up really fluffy and really tasty. I'm kind of old fashioned about my biscuits, but my boys really love Grands southern both in the oven and on the grill. That's easy, so I'm sure not going to argue.  


southern, NC


Grands Biscuits Southern Style

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