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Grandin Road
Grandin Road Classic Everedge Lawn Edging

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Built in stakes make it better.


I have only installed metal edging a couple of times, but when I tried this I found it a little easier to work with than the other stuff I was using. Where it is really better is in working around it, and I've done that a LOT. I always seem hit stakes in the other stuff when I'm edging. This is a jarring experience at best, and makes the edger bounce out and gouge the turf at worst (actually, I guess the worst would be if it caused a bounce that got a person hurt, but that has not happened to me.) This one also avoids the issue of stakes getting working out of the ground and sticking up for you to trip on. Do not believe the adds that say this product, or any edging system for that matter, will keep your turf edges crisp without using an edging tool. If you don't work at it, the grass will creep over the edging. It is good, however, for keeping mulch and some spreading plants (like liriope and mondo grass) out of the turf. Metal edging is expensive, but it last FAR longer (and looks better) than plastic. And, hey, when you need it you need it. I always use hard edges when I'm making a path trough turf, and when I use metal edging I use Grandin Road Everedge.

Marietta, GA


Grandin Road Classic Everedge Lawn Edging

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