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Grand Resort
Grand Resort 10X12 Hardtop Gazebo *Limited Availability


*Seasonal item with limited inventory.  Item may not be available in all areas.

Bring Old-World Charm to the Outdoors with the Grand Resort Hardtop Gazebo

The stunning 10 x 12 Hardtop Gazebo will enchant you with its old-world beauty. This sun-shelter with a tough, pyramid-shaped roof, sheer mosquito netting and elegantly carved supporting beams is perfect for creating a cozy oasis in your backyard or patio. Mosquito netting is artfully arranged around the beams and keeps out bugs, letting you enjoy the beauty of the outdoors with friends and family late into the evening.

The Grand Resort Hardtop Gazebo can comfortably shelter most rectangluar or round dining sets. This gazebo is made of high quality aluminum that is durable and can be left out all year long. The roof is made of all-weather corrugated polycarbonate sheets and lets soft light filter into the gazebo, but keeps out bright light and harmful UV rays. Create the ultimate outdoor getaway with this beautiful and durable shelter, all year round.

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Mostly Great


We had been getting estimates for having our patio covered, and they were all way out of our price range. We invested in a sold structured gazebo with a soft top that was completely torn up after its first season. I found the Grand Resort 10X12 Hardtop Gazebo online and decided to give it a try. Our location has strong winds with random bouts of rain and sleet, especially in the winter. The wind is what ripped up our previous gazebo. For the most part, I was impressed with how well this hardtop gazebo withstood the wind. The only issue we had was with the gazebo sliding around the patio in high winds. I guess you could find a way to bolt it down, but that seems like more trouble than it's worth. Again, due to high winds, we could not sit under it during rain as the rain still blew in. On a nice, sunny day, it was a perfect spot for cool shade. Overall, it looks like and is pretty well made. However, assembly was a beast that took my husband and a friend many, many hours. The instructions were terrible, and some holes were not drilled properly. They had to redrill them.




Great gazebo, but beams need extra support


I purchased the Grand Resort 10x12 Hardtop Gazebo to go with my patio furniture and it has been a delight for the past couple of years. This gazebo comfortably houses my loveseat, coffee table, and 2 rocker chairs with room to spare. Besides providing shade during the summer I really love the 360 mosquito netting. This netting does a great job of keeping flying insects off me when I'm lounging. I have kept this gazebo up year round in Chicago and it has withstood the harsh winters very well. I am extremely impressed with the roof's ability to withstand heavy snow fall. There has been some slight fading to the roof panels but it's not too noticeable. The four support beams have down a good job of standing tall against high winds, but I did have some issues with them initially. During the fall I was experiencing high wind and one of the support beams collapsed. This happened twice before I decided secure the beams to the ground with wedge anchors. Since I anchored them I haven't had any more issues with the beams. I would definitely recommend the Grand Resort 10x12 Hardtop Gazebo.


Westchester, IL


Beautiful...But does not hold up to winds!


I loved the looks of this Gazebo! It was a little difficult to put together because the instructions weren't as easy to follow. It seemed like they left out some steps, or you just had to be someone who knows easily how to put this together. After it was together, it looked so beautiful. My happiness lasted a few weeks until a wind came and it blew over! It was so upsetting. I had purchased a umbrella before that had blown over, and over several times, i thought this would be different because of the weight. A friend and I put it back up, which was a feat in itself, and put patio stone pavers on the legs to hold it down more. I thought this would help. It lasted a few small winds. But one morning i noticed the metal was bent. All and all this is beautiful, but not good if you have any winds. I live in the desert and wanted this for the shade it provided sitting out in my patio furniture. I am not happy with this.


Palm Springs, CA


Nice gazebo keep the patio cool


I have mixed feelings about the hardtop gazebo. I will discuss the positive features first in this review. It is nice to look at on the patio and goes well with my lawn furniture. The hardtop gazebo keeps my patio nice and cool with the shade that it provides. The furniture fits under the gazebo, which is perfect to keep my whole family cool. There are a few issues that I have with the gazebo. The cost was a little high in my opinion. It took me a long time to assemble the gazebo, because the instructions did not explain assembly well. My biggest concern was that the gazebo fell over during high winds one afternoon! It was incredibly difficult to turn the gazebo right side up after it fell over. I would think that the weight would hold the gazebo on the ground, but apparently the base was not heavy enough. This was a huge ordeal that I did not want to repeat again. I had to put large stones on each leg to keep it from blowing away during high winds. However, I would still recommend the gazebo based on the nice features.




Amazing, awesome, gotta have it!!


A friend of mine had one of these in their back swimming area, and let me tell you, this is awesome. We closed the surrounding curtains giving us an exotic breath taking feeling like we were out on the beach. Nice breeze just flowing around, with just the perfect amount of sunlight. PERFECT FOR PEOPLE WITH SKIN IRRITANTS TO THE SUN!! This is a must have!!




Grand Resort 10X12 Hardtop Gazebo *Limited Availability

3.6 5