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Good website if you know what you're looking for


Since my family owns a hardware store, I have purchased a few items from grainger.com a few times to purchase items that were not in stock at the store. The website is easy to navigate, especially if you know what you're looking for. I would not say this is the type of site I would normally visit if I didn't have a particular item I needed to purchase. It's not the sort of site you just "shop around." The option I typically use to purchase items is thru the search option. I just type in what I want, and all of the products come up. This is a fairly accurate search. The item I am looking for always comes up. There is also the ability to shop by department so you can find the specific category you want to find an item within. There are detailed descriptions of the items as well as reviews that were written by others who purchased the item. This is helpful so you know exactly what to expect when you make your purchase. The check out process on the site is easy, and each of the items I bought arrived at my home in a timely manner. They also looked exactly as the photos did on their website.



Order from This Site All the Time


Working in a large antique furniture warehouse requires a lot of time spent repairing furniture. Since we also own a large Cranberry farm , we do a lot of farming as well. Whenever we need a tool or supplies that we cannot find locally, we go online to Graingers.com. They have a huge selection of items from tools to supplies for all sorts of building projects , electrical wire, and even office supplies and home items such as blenders. The prices are fair and the site is simple to navigate with each section being broken down with drop down bars to click on. Their pricing is fair, I would not say it is any cheaper than anywhere else but sometimes the convenience of not having to haul yourself all over town looking for an item, makes it worth it. I order easily and quickly and the shipping time is very quick as well. So far everything I have ordered has always been in stock and received timely. I recommend this site if you are a farmer, builder or just have some projects to do around the house. The service is great, customer service is very helpful and shipping is fast.

New Egypt, NJ



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