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Graco Swyngomatic Compact Infant Swing

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The only swing she will use


I tried a couple of swings with my daughter and this was the winner hands down. It is definitely quiet and I love the 3 seat adjustment levels. It is also very lightweight and easy to fold up. The only thing I don't like is it sucks the batteries down pretty quickly. It also has to be turned up all the way in order to swing, and you have to push it first. I still wouldn't trade it in for a different model.



Graco Infant Swing helps out around the house.


A best friend to any Mom or Dad can be an infant swing and not just any infant swing but a Graco Compact Infant Swing. All new Mothers and Fathers love to hold their babies and that is a good thing for both baby and parents but there are sometimes when it is good for your baby to know that you care about him or her but that you need to put him or her down for a little while and that is where the Graco Compact Infant Swing comes into play. After my grandson has been fed and has had his diaper changed he is ready to swing in his Graco Compact Infant Swing. My grandson is just about four months old now and he loves to sit and swing while still being able to see what his Mom and Dad are doing. The Graco Compact Infant Swing is battery operated and the seat can be adjusted in four positions. There is a tray with built in toys and also a place to put more toys where your child is able to grab and play with them.

Moreno Valley, CA


Graco is so soothing to babies.


Wow, what a clever invention!!   I know that baby swings have been around for a long time, but I still think that they are so wonderful.  We bought a Graco swing when our daughter was born back in the late eighties.  If she got too fussy and didn't want to have anything to do with her doting mom and dad, I would put her in her little swing and away she would go happy as can be.  One great thing about this swing is when you don't have time to hold your baby.  Like when you're making dinner.  Well, the baby swings and swings and next thing you know they're sleeping peacefully and contently in the forward, backward motion.  I've had two other children and they both loved swinging so much.  Especially my youngest daughter.  She would even cry when we took her out of the swing she was enjoying it so much.  If you have a baby, you really want to have a swing for him/her.  Graco makes a wonderful, comfortable, reliable swing.

Waldport, OR


Graco Swyngomatic Compact Infant Swing

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