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Graco Super Saurus Vie4 Stroller

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My Graco Stroller is fine


We bought a Graco stroller 2 years ago in preparation of our first child. Had I know exactly what I was getting I might have chosen differently. The stroller seat does not lay flat so it is not good for a small baby to ride in. You need to attach a Graco carseat to the stroller base to get any use out of it. Once your child is old enough to ride in it you will find that it is rather heavy to push around. I also have plenty of problems running into things because it is so wide. The tray flips up which I suppose they did to make it easier to get your child in and out but I think it's in the way and my Daughter likes to kick it until it flips off. It also does not stand up on it's own and will fall over when you are trying to load it places. I often have to decide whether I want to push a stroller and it might be easier or just carry my child and tough it out. I often leave the stroller since having a small car it takes up over half of my trunk. I don't think I will keep mine around for long. I plan on buying another smaller lighter stroller to use. Skip this one.

Berryville, AR


Great as a travel system, and great for longer trips.


When I was preggo with baby1, we got the Graco stroller with top-rated Snugride baby carseat.  The stroller is great.  SUPER heavy, which is why we like it! Has 2 adult cup holders, a tissue holder, a HUGE basket, easy to maneuver.  Very solid construction.  Good recline feature with the strap so you can get it at the perfect angle for baby's comfort.  The handle even adjusts for your height! Over time, the stroller gets too heavy, and once baby is sitting up well (especially after 1 year old), most people I know switch over to an umbrella type stroller.  But the Graco tank is STILL the very best for longer day trips like the zoo and such, anywhere you want a huge basket to carry all the accessories babies require! The hood is nice and big too, which is nice.  The baby tray swings out of the way for easy access putting the baby in and out.  It even has a convertible 3 or 5 point harness to keep your little one safe!

Independence, OH


Graco Super Saurus Vie4 Stroller

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