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Graco Soothe & Swaddle Bouncer Oasis

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Babies Gotta Bounce!


I did a survey of all my mom friends when I was pregnant and asked them what was one baby item that you absolutely had to have.  Well, most of them could not limit it to just one!  But on nearly everyone's list was a bouncy seat.  They all said it was a must have.  Most recommended one that vibrated, too.  So I started to research.  I have had a lot of success with Graco products, so I went with the Graco bouncy seat.  I have not regretted it at all.  The Graco seats come in so many different patterns.  I loved that it could match my living room.  I know, that's lame, but I love for things to match!  The bouncy seat had all the functions that my friends recommended.  It plays music.  It vibrates. And obviously, it also bounces.  If you want to take a shower, or get something done after you have a baby, I highly recommend registering for or purchasing a bouncy seat.  Babies just love them, and moms do too!

Gilbert, AZ


Great help for making babies happy:)


I really liked the seat. It has it in the pink color with cute butterflies. It is very simple design, but very practical. The price is very reasonable. It was very easy to assemble. It took me less than 20 minutes. When unassembled, it takes very little space to store. I must say, that I am not sure how the seat is supposed to 'bounce". My baby was not wiggly enough to make the seat bounce. So I am was the one who was bouncing it for her:) The fabric is very soft and easy to clean. After dozens of washes it still looks like new. Attached toys are great. In fact, I used our other toys to hang, so my baby has new toys every time. I would definitely recommend the toy. The seat has 3 music melodies. My baby did not care about them much. Vibration mode was very helpful. It make my baby happy right away. Sometimes, she would fall asleep in the seat it was so comfy:) It works great for people with limited space.

Stillwater, OK


This Jumper by Graco was a life saver when my daughter was an in


This jumper I am reviewing is absolutely amazing. It is the prettiest pink which was just perfect for my little girl. It was a life saver in keeping her quit while i was trying to get chores accomplished around the house. The jumper has features like music, dangling toys, and vibration. It was a great gadget that assisted in helping put my daughter to sleep and help keep her asleep. the flowers and butterflies on it just made it that more beautiful for my little angel. When she became a little older and more alert the dangling toys assisted in keeping her entertained especially the one in the middle because when she would hit it, the toy would start playing music, which would make her happy. If the babys happy then that means the mommy is happy..right? Being the mother of three, i have to say that it took three kids until i found a jumper that satified me as much as this one did So i hope that this review will help you in making the decision you need to purchase the right jumper for you and your child.

Victoria, TX


Waste of money- don't bother!


I received this item at a baby shower and was thrilled as I knew we would use it often for my newborn. Boy, was I wrong!  The most frustrating thing about the item was that the component that holds the motor was directly underneath my baby's feet, even as a brand new tiny baby. She would kick the big plastic box so hard sometimes that I was afraid she would bruise her heels.  This was absolutely a poor design for this type of item.  We tried to use it once or twice and then never again. I emailed Graco about the problem and never heard back.  Also, I felt that the animals (lamb, moon, star) that hang above the baby are not attention grabbing at all and we found that we never used the awning that hangs over the bouncer.  On a positive note, we did select the bouncer in the deco print (as well as several other Graco items) and found that we really liked the blue/brown polkadot pattern, it is the perfect neutral print for a boy or a girl. 

Grand Rapids, MI


Graco Soothe & Swaddle Bouncer Oasis

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