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Graco Silhouette Infant Swing Sachi

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Great product- my son loves it!


My son loves this swing. He likes to look at the little bears (we even added a few other toys for him to look at) and it lulls him to sleep. It features a vibration (which you can turn on and off and adjust the level) and music (classical music and nature sounds). Versatility It isn't super versatile-- it basically rocks back and forth. But, little ones love the soothing rocking and it seems to be working great. My son didn't like it as a preemie newborn, but he is not 9 weeks (adjusted age) and he LOVES it! Durability We have moved it around and it seems to be very portable and durable. It is big and slightly bulky BUT, durable! Ease of Use The buttons are clearly marked and very easy to push. There are only a few buttons, one knob for swing speed, and a control for the vibration. Everyone will find it easy to use! Safety I feel that my son is extremely safe in this swing. I can leave him in a room by himself and know he is fine... Features It has an adjustable vibration feature, nature sounds, classical music and you can adjust the speed of the swinging. The features are perfect- and I feel a lot more is offered in this swing than in other swings.



Very Nice Baby Swing!


We were really blessed, because some friends gave us this swing.  They actually gave it to us with the Deco pattern.  I didn't really like the Deco pattern, so I called Graco.  They were super awesome and let me order a different pattern for the swing which matched our color scheme much better.  I LOVE it!  The Graco customer service people were super easy to work with and very helpful.  I think this is a great swing.  It has all the features.  It is a standard height so you don't have to bend to the ground to put the baby in it.  It has a sound feature.  It also has a vibrate feature.  Seriously, my friend calls this the Rolls Royce of baby swings.  Any thing you can think of, it does.  The downside, though, is that it can't plug in to the wall, so it can go through batteries pretty quickly.  You just have to be aware of that.  Also, it is big and kind of awkwardly shaped.  I had to be really creative in finding a place to put it, because it just takes up quite a bit of space.  But all in all, it is a really nice baby swing.

Raleigh, NC


Baby loved it, but it stopped working after 3 months


We received this graco baby swing as a gift at my wife's baby shower, it was one we had picked out ourselves based on the features available at a reasonable price.  At first the swing worked great and our son absolutely loved it.  It had a great variety of speed settings and plays relaxing music and soothing nature sounds.  After about a month, we started having troubles with it.  At first when we turned it on it wouldn't start swinging, we had to give it a little bit of a push to kind of jump start it and then it would work fine.  It was not a big inconvenience, so we didn't try to return it, just lived with it.  Then, after about another month, the speed control knob started having issues and you had to play with it and jiggle it just right to get it to work and then we couldn't adjust the speed or it would stop again.  We returned the swing at that point at opted for a different swing from a different brand, simply because they didn't have this one in stock.  We have had really good luck with all of our other Graco products, so I feel it was just a bad unit and not all of them would have the same issues.

Englewood, CO


Graco Silhouette Infant Swing Sachi

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