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Graco Quattro Tour Duo Jogger Stroller - Zurich

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A good stroller for a mom of 2


I gave this stroller an overall rating of good. This stroller has a lot of storage and the under basket drops down, making it very easy to get the bulky diaper bag in and out of the basket. Other strollers I have tested did not have that option, which was a turn off. Each seat has a cup and snack holder and the back cup/snack holder comes up making it easy to change a child's diaper in the back seat. The stroller is pretty big and bulky, but that's what you get with sticking 2 strollers into 1. I have never taken the stroller on a plane, but I wouldn't recommend it with how heavy and bulky it is. I have taken it on a road trip in the van and while it does take up a decent amount of room, there is still room for luggage. So overall it is a good stroller with more pros than cons and I would recommend this stroller to a friend. Maneuverability Depending on how weight is distributed in the stroller, it can be hard to push. If there is only one child in the stroller (front seat) it can be hard to turn. Or if the heavier child is in the front and the lighter in the back can also make it hard to turn.



Graco Quattro Tour Duo Jogger Stroller - Zurich

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