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Graco Pack 'N Play Port A Crib

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really worth the investment


the Greco Pack n Play Porta Crib is a smaller version of what we called a play pen in the old days. it sits up a little higher than a play pen. And it easily assembles and dis assembles to pack in the bag to take with you. My daughter was bringing hers to our house whenever her children spent the night. We just put our 6 month old grandson in it. And not only is it a good place to sleep. it gives him room to roll over and play. We now have our own Greco Pack n play so my daughter does not have to bring hers each time. it does not take up a lot of room. And we can go about our normal routine without worrying that our grandson will be hurt.


Roanoke, VA


Our Graco Pack 'N Play Port A Crib is Excellent for Travel et.al


We received our Pack 'N Play "Bassinett" (but it looks identical to this item) from a coworker at my wife's work. It is great for using as a crib when we travel and it was great to isolate the baby with some toys or to watch television while getting chores done around the house. It folds down into about a 1'x1'x3' rectangular "box" shape with a handle on it to easily pack in the trunk or carry to our destination from the car. The handle is well balanced as well which helps because it does have some weight to it and can be a bit bulky. The mattress folds around the structure of the walls and floor lifted up. Over time, the floor has warped on this play pen, however, not to the point that it can't be used anymore. The warping came after taking the mattress/floor of the play-pen outside and hosing it down and letting it dry in the sun when we deep cleaned the play-pen.


Muskegon, MI


Love it!


We love ours! I have 4 children and with each one have used a Graco Pack N Play. I love the portability of it. It isnt too heavy or bulky and fits well with your luggage. We bring ours on vacation and I find myself using it at home for my 17 month old for naps. It isn't the most plush mattress around to tell the truth, so I have padded it a little with blankets. Not something I would have done for a newborn, but my little guy is fine with it. It is a little difficult to open at first, but once you get the hang of it, it isn't too bad. The colors are nice, and it comes in other colors as well to match your color scheme. I have mine in my bedroom next to my bed- we currently cosleep as we have with our other children, but this is nice to have for naps for us! I would highly recommend something like this to any new parent.


Hampshire, IL


The Graco Pack N Play is a Necessity


We have used our Graco Pack N Play for 2 children over the last 6 years. We have used the pack n play for travel and just to keep set up at home. Currently we use it as a changing table on the first level of our house since that is where we spend most of the day and our regular changing table (which we rarely/never use) is upstairs. This product folds up easily for travel and has a convenient case for carrying while traveling. The pack n play is easy to assemble and only takes a minute to have it set up and ready to go. The mattress included with the Graco Pack N Play is a little thin, but that is something that is easy to fix by buying padding or another mattress to put under the sheet. I also like the option of the bassinet on the top portion of the pack n play though we never used it. The Graco Pack N Play is a very versatile product that lasts over time and is great quality. This in my opinion is another must have with a baby/small child.


New Berlin, WI


So easy to set up, you don't even need the instructions!


I would highly recommend the **Graco Pack 'N' Play Port A Crib** to all new moms.  I was given one as a gift and am so thankful for it.  I have used it for traveling so much that it literally stays in the trunk of my car.  The first time I set it up, I didn't even read the instructions because it's designed intuitively, unlike other baby products that you nearly have to wrestle with before they come together correctly.  The first time my son slept in the crib I was worried that the mattress might not be thick enough, so I folded a beach towel under the crib sheet for a centimeter more padding.  That wasn't needed because the next time and every time after that he has slept in it just fine without the towel padding.  The mesh sides make it lite weight and easy to check on my son at a glance to see if he is stirring.  This product has allowed my husband and I to maintain our spontaneous traveling lifestyle, while providing a safe place for our son to sleep. 


Lecanto, FL


Just the right size pack n play


When doing baby gift registries for our first child it was overwhelming the amount of options that exist for pack n plays/portable cribs.  I didn't know that they could "do" so much.  We decided to opt for the simple Graco Pack N' Play Port A Crib and we were not disappointed.  We knew we would need something for traveling, but we didn't know that we would end up with our son sleeping in this for most of his first year of life.  Even though it doesn't have a lot of bells and whistles it does have the bassinet option that fits easily onto the top.  We used this for about the first 4 months so that we didn't have to bend down so deep into the crib.   We noticed some warping in the cardboard mattress so I called Graco.  They graciously shipped us a new one immediately and without charge.  They didn't even require that we submit proof of purchase.  They get an A+ in my book for customer service.   I only gave this 4 stars because of the warping, but overall it is a great pack n play.  Baby #2 is due in 5 weeks and we will be using this again for a while so that the baby can sleep near us.  Once you know how to assemble and disassemble these cribs are easy to set up, but make sure you read the instructions carefully, otherwise you can be in for a real headache.


Saint Paul, MN


Great for traveling


This pack n' play is a must have for all new parents. I was given this as a shower gift before my first child and it is still being used more than 3 years later.  We use it on trips where we don't have access to a crib or just for playdates, when my son needs to take a nap.  It is also great to take somewhere if you just need a place where your child can play in a safe environment.  It is big enough for both my baby and my 3 year old to sleep in (although I haven't used it with my 3 year old since she she moved into a big girl bed a year ago.  This pack n' play is very safe with the four mesh sides. I never worried about my child's safety while sleeping or playing in this port-o-crib.  The bottom mat is great since it can be removed and cleaned.  I bought a few sheets that are made for the crib.  This is a great way to get a safe alternative to your crib and still feel like home.  I definitely recommend this to all my pregnant friends.  I also bought this pack n' play for my sister for her baby shower.  If you want to give a gift that will definitely get a lot of use, give a pack n' play and you won't be sorry.


Lawrenceville, NJ


Couldn't travel without it!


We have used our pack and play for 3 children now.  It is great.  We have a Toyota Camery and it fits in the truck well when we travel.  We've taken it to both of parent's houses so that our babies have a safe place to sleep.  Also have taken it to hotels and cabin rentals.  Love that you can put the mattress in a higher position for when the babies are small.  Then when they start to move around you put the mattress on the bottom of the pack and play.  Our came with a vibrating thing that you place under the mattress.  We used it with our first born, but not with the next two.  The mattress is very hard, but the babies never have seemed to mind.  They sleep in this just as well as they do in their crib at home.  Love that you can choose many different colors and patterns.  This is a must have when you are creating your baby registry.  We chose a gender neutral color so that we could use it for a long time with any gender of baby.


Escanaba, MI


Great space saver for baby


I bought the Graco pack and play for my grandbaby, I am on a budget but wanted to buy simething special for her.  This was so easy to put together and took up little space in the living room. Easy to move around from room to room.  It was easy enought to fold down and bring to grandma;s house so she could keep the baby too. I wished i had had one when my kids were little. I loved how you had a diaper changing table playpen, crib all in one.  this is a bed taht grows with the clid that first year. Its durable enough to be able to save it for the next baby.  Matter of fact. I only had to buy one and all the girls used it. It held all my grandbabies.it still looks good. Matter of fact we just sold it for half of what we paid for it.  It certainly held its value. The lady could not believe it had been thru five grandbabies already.  Its so easy to keep clean. My daughter had such a small house it was perfect.


Kings Mountain, NC


Graco Pack 'N' Play Port A Crib is wonderful!


We have had the Graco Pack 'N' Play Port A Crib for 4 1/2 years now and have used it with our two children. Both of my babies used the bassinet part that hooks on the top when they were newborns, until they were too heavy for it. I love that it sets them up higher and makes it easier to reach them. It is even high enough that I would change diapers on one end while they were still little. We had a very small apartment when my first child was born and the pack n play was compact enough to fit in our small bedroom. This pack n play has also been very usefull for traveling. We have taken it many places with us and it is very easy and convenient to use. It folds up simply and compactly into the bag it comes with. We have even used this as a safe "time-out" place. The Graco Pack 'N' Play Port A Crib has been an essential piece of baby equipement. I was a great price and has stood up to the test of time and usefullness.


Richmond, VA


Graco Pack 'N Play Port A Crib

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