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Graco Pack N Play Playard With Electronics, Barcelona Bluegrass

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graco pack n play


i adore this pack n play it is very......my friend has a baby and currently uses this product.. she is able to store several diapers and wipes and there is even room to keep Q tips and socks.i love the fact that ot expands and folds tightly to store and when you need it you are able to unpack the pack n play. The many mobile is also cool. The pack n play is very easy to clean and adjusting the sheets is very easy. The pack n play not extremely heavy.


Dallas, TX


Graco Pack'n'Play is Convenient and Safe


I have taken this Pack'n'Play on trips and it's a wonderful thing to have.  I recently had to take a trip to Miami, and check the pack-n-play on the plane... it travels great, works great in a hotel room, and I know my baby is safe. I've never used the bassinet feature, but I have used the mobile and the changing table.  I think the changing table is quite sturdy.  Just like with any changing table, I wouldn't leave my baby there without supervision, but I was never worried about it falling apart with my baby in it.   I also REALLY liked the feature that allow you to hang wipes and diapers off the side... SUPER awesome when you're traveling.   The only thing I don't like about it is that although the crib part itself is quite portable (amazingly so!), the changing table and mobile are not.  They are big, bulky things that are hard to transport if you're in need of space.  That's the only problem.  I didn't take those two things when I had to get on an airplane.


Louisville, KY


Cute, seems sturdy, but changing table was...


I just received the pack n' play today. I am due in two weeks and the shipping was pretty fast! That was the first plus. This is our third child so we already knew how to put up the pack n' play. You have to play with it a bit. But just slightly push down the middle (bottom), pull up on the short sides first until they lock, then the long sides and push down the bottom completely. You may have to push the white release buttons to be able to pull up on the sides because they may be locked. But this was the easy part. Next you install the bassinet (if you plan to use it). When our first daughter was born we don't remember any pack n' play models with this option. This was also easy to install. At this point you would put the mattress in the bassinet (we put it in the pack n' play part first as this was our normal way of doing things LOL) I really like the bassinet. It's nice and seems comfortable. I purchased the quilted sheet because I read other reviews advising that it can be hard for your little one after normal use. So then you put together that darn changing table. Well this has been a bit hard for us. We know from using infant products that nothing should overlap, nothing should be lose, all pieces and fabric needs to be secure. There is a part on the changing table, opposite the danger warning side, that has been giving us a problem. There is a large piece of fabric with an area for a pole to be inserted, but it seems you have to put so much tension on this part to insert the pole! I will update this review as I just simply got frustrated and said I will do that part later. My seven year old put the mobile together :) It plays music. It's really nice. I gave it four stars because of the difficulty to put the changing table together. It's easy to put it on the pack n' play, but not easy to put it together. Hope this helps for now. Update!!! So I woke up at 2:00 a.m. for a snack and put the changing table together with no problem. I had to remove the short white poles that go into the holes on the actual pack n' play. Then insert the long pole into the sleeve. After that I put the short white poles back on and installed it (easy) onto the pack n' play. It was so easy. I just needed to rest. I did it in about three minutes. I had to use an ink pen to push the little silver pens in to release the pole. Another note: I did not purchase the pack n' play with the diaper and wipes holder. This is just a basic one.


Theodore, AL


What a lifesaver


The play yard has been a lifesaver.  Love that it's portable and super easy to set up and take down. It also has a wonderful changing "table" for a wee one.  The changing area isn't sturdy enough for a toddler, but it's absolutely wonderful for a tiny one.  It also allows you to have a raised bed for an infant so you don't have to put the baby all the way down at the bottom. These things just keep getting better and better!


Monmouth, OR


Cutest I've Seen!


My husband and I just had our first child, a daughter, seven weeks ago.  Before she was born and without even seeing it in person, we registered for the whole line of Graco Barcelona Bluegrass products.  As we started receiving them we were SO pleased.  There are so many designs out there for these types of products, and this one beats them all.  It's gender neutral so you can use it again for other children.  We keep the pack and play in our master bedroom, and our daughter is still sleeping there at night.  The change pad on the top is great - that's where we change her each time she's wet or dirty.  She's nearing eleven pounds now, so that might not last much longer.  The side compartment is also very handy as we keep extra diapers, ointment, and wipes there.  Another feature I like is the nightlight/music player on the side.  I like to keep the light on at night because it slightly illuminates her crib so can check on her during the night without turning on the overhead light.  The music it plays is also nice - very soothing.  Overall this is a very nice pack and play and I would certainly recommend it to anyone.


Haslet, TX


Good quality and inexpensive compared to a wooden crib!


Graco Pack N Play Playard With Electronics, Barcelona Bluegrass was my choice for my newborn while living in a small apartment.  I had looked around a lot and read a lot of reviews before I made my purchase.  I have never regretted that decision.  I loved the attachable changing station with diaper organizer.  Being 5'10", I had no problem with the height of the changer.  I liked that the changing area was made with a plastic covering so that any messes were easy to clean up.  The low cost of this product was also a plus since I had so many things to buy, being a first-time parent.  This is not made to be an everyday crib until you're ready for a toddler bed, as it is not extremely comfy, but it works very well for a play area or bed for a newborn plus changing area.  I now use it for my toddler when we go on vacations and trips, or for time-out so that he can't get into anything.  Although, he's almost perfect.  ; )


Port Saint Lucie, FL


The Best thing i could have ever baught!


My title says it all. this is one of the best things ive baught for my son. its easy to assemble, easy to take down, very sturdy, has tons of storage and is cute! the mobile would always put my son to sleep after he was done playing inside! the only thing that i did not like too much was the changing table. It became annoying after about a week, since my son would always roll to the other end because of the way its designed, so i took it off. but other then that i love the pac-n-playy!


Philadelphia, PA


A dust collector for us


My initial plan when purchasing the Graco Pack N Play Playard was for the diaper changing station.  I didn't want to purchase a separate more expensive piece of furniture to perform this function, so I opted for this.  Granted, with my first born, I did use the changing station quite a bit along with the nice organizer along the side to store diapers, wipes, diaper rash cream, etc.  I also used the Pack N Play as a bassinet right after we brought our son home so he could sleep in our room.  That didn't last long though because he just wasn't comfortable and the Pack N Play is quite hard.  Other than that, we didn't use it for any other purpose.  It's really too small and I don't like the idea of confinement.  When they are babies, you don't have to confine them because they can't go anywhere.  As they get older, they need more stimulation such as an exersaucer, Jumperoo, etc.  When my daughter came around, I didn't even use this for the changing station.  I didn't have a particular area where diaper changes took place.  So the Pack N Play just sat and collected dust.  For us, it was not a worthwhile expense and if I had to do it over again, I would not have purchased. 


Noblesville, IN


The Graco pack n playard, is a yard of fun


I really feel that technology has come a long way. I also feel that the different thing you can do with this play pin keeps you fromm buying all the seperate things that is all in one on in this item.


Glendale Heights, IL


Graco Pack N Play Playard With Electronics, Barcelona Bluegrass

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