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Graco Pack N Play Playard, Kensly

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Great, Simple, Pack n' Play


I got this pack n' play because I needed a bigger pack n' play for my one-year-old to sleep in when we were away on trips overnight. We had another pack n' play that was smaller and came with the bassinet. My little Jenna has out grown that pack n' play and doesn't fit in it to sleep in anymore. That pack n' play also didn't do well coming together or taking it down. This pack n' play is awesome! It has plenty of room for a growing toddler. It's cute! And it comes up and back down so easily. The side buttons that put it up or down don't get stuck like our other one did. We don't need all the bells and whistles on a pack n' play. We just needed somewhere for our daughter to sleep. It has a good amount of padding, so I don't feel the need to get a pack n' play mattress or sheets. It's easy to just wipe off if it gets dirty. It's absolutely perfect for our needs and for our baby, so I'm really glad that we bought this pack n' play. It's been great.




The Graco Pack'n'Play is a must-have!


I was fortunate enough with my second child to recieve this Graco Pack'n'Play as a gift.  I loved that the colors were gender neutral and fit in well with the decor in any room in our house.  We knew we wanted to have more kids, so a muted color-choice that was gender neutral to us was very important.  We loved that this crib has everything as well.  It comes with a diaper stacker that attaches to the diaper changing station that hooks to the top.  The station has cubbies for supplies and for wipes allowing us to have everything in one spot.  It also has a bassinet which was ideal for when she was much smaller.  As an added bonus, it has a vibrations/music/light contraption that puts baby to sleep easier.  A mobile is also included, but we never used it.  The crib has "grown" with her too.  It is designed so that each part is removable.  The bassinet mattress lowers down to become the base of a playpen.  The diaper changer is completely detachable leaving a playpen that is free from clutter and is completely collapsible.  It has wheels which makes it easy to move from room to room.  This product is especially helpful if you have a small living place- you basically have an all-in-one nursery.  We have a large home, but it is still one of the best gifts we ever recieved. 


Lavon, TX


LOVE this pack n play!


This is probably one of the only baby items that I don't have any regrets about! We love our Kensly Graco pack 'n' play! I had debated as to whether to buy a simple set without the basinette, to buy one with the basinette, or to buy a full blown pack 'n' play with the basinette, changing table, etc. attached to it. I decided to go with a pack 'n' play with the basinette, but not the changing table attachment. And I'm so glad I did! I mainly wanted to basinette portion so we could use it in our bedroom when our baby was a newborn. We used it for probably about 6-8 weeks before we moved her into her crib in the nursery and it worked great. I never once regretted not getting the more expensive model with the changing table since we have a small changing table in the nursery anyway and I don't think we would have used the changing table attachment much. Now that our girl is a bit bigger, we use the pack 'n' play as a play pen when I'm doing stuff around the house. We also take it with us on trips for her to sleep in. We love the color (dark brown and light blue) and are excited to be able to use it with boys or girls.


Muncie, IN


simple and sweet


When I was shopping for a pack n play, I wanted something cute (for a boy or girl so I could use it for all my kids), something simple, but not compromise for quality. This pack n play is so great! My little boy is four months old now and still sleeping in it! We have loved the bassinet feature. It just clips right on, and he sleeps next to our bed, it is so easy for me just to reach over and grab him when I need him. The colors are soft, and the wheels are great so I can just wheel it out of the way when I need to vaccuum or clean underneath it. So easy, I didnt even need my husbands help to assemble it when I was 9 months pregnant! :) My son is loving the mobile on it right now. We didnt use it at first, but now that he is grabbing for toys, we let him play with it, and the toys come off (they are attached by velcro) and he feels accomplished when he can grab the toy and they stick it in his mouth. Overall, a great choice. Very inexpensive, and very durable.


Chapel Hill, NC


Graco Kensly Pack n Play is an attractive portable crib


The blue/brown combo is attractive and doesn't scream BABY! My primary purpose for getting the Pack n Play was to have a portable crib to keep in our room while our daughter was an infant. I'd graduate her from the PnP to her crib in her room. I didn't want something in my room that was visually loud (or audibly loud, for that matter).  I really like the colors. I like this "crib" because it has wheels so that I can roll it to the side of my bed at night and then push it out of the way during the day when we're not in bed. It's heavy enough to feel sturdy but not too heavy to be burdensome when moving it. The mobile that goes across the top is really not worthwhile. It has never caught our daughter's eye. I recently stopped attaching it (it snaps on/off).  The pack n play is a convenient crib choice if you're traveling via car, but if you're flying somewhere, I think it'd betoo heavy and large to tote around, especially since there aren't handles on the carrying case. My biggest complaint with it is that the sheets don't fit it properly. I read about this before buying it, so I was extra careful to wash the sheets with cold water and air dried them so they wouldn't shrink. They still fit so snugly that the mattress pad doesn't lay completely flat. This really freaked me out the first few weeks that she slept in it because her weight wouldn't keep it down. She was small enough and not mobile enough that I put her on the other end.


Verona, WI


Graco Pack N Play Playard, Kensly

4.8 5