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Graco Pack N Play Little Hoot

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Graco Pack N Play Little Hoot - wish I bought it sooner!


I love our Graco Pack n' Play! The Little Hoot design is very cute and modern. I like how the colors are neutral (blue, cream, tan & brown) so they work for a girl or boy AND it looks great in the living room with the rest of our furniture! I bought the Little Hoot Pack n' Play when my daughter was about 4 months old to use as a playard. My daughter only used the bassinet feature for a month or so before she started sitting up so we removed it. I wish I would have bought it sooner because it would have been a wonderful bassinet when she was first born! Also, it would have saved us from having to buy a separate bassinet that could only be used for a short time. My daughter is 2 years old and 33" tall and she can still fit comfortably in the PnP when sleeping over grandma & grandpa's house. The mesh allows for a good amount of visibility from inside as well. My favorite features though, are its sturdiness and portability. It is incredibly easy to folw down (once you get the hang of it...remember to pull the center up first when folding it down and push the center down LAST when setting it up). It's light, too, so it's easy to take anywhere.I wish the changing table attachment would pivot up and down so it didn't have to be removed to get it out of the way. Also, I wish there was room in the carrying case for the changing attachment. Otherwise, I am more than satified with this purchase and recommend it to all of my friends!


Hollister, CA


Great pack and play


We received this as a gift off our registry for our baby shower and am so thankful we did!  It has been such a great pack and play!  I chose it because of the many extra features and so that we could use it as a bassinet when our son was a newborn, since he would need to sleep in the room with us.  We have been very happy with it so far.  It is very easy to assemble and is such a cute print!  It has many added features, like a mobile, changing table, and diaper stacker, although I honestly haven't used any of those but the bassinet very much.  It is very easy to assemble and disassemble.  My only complaint about the bassinet feature is that I wish they would have a support bar in the middle, as everything seems to sink to the middle when baby is laying in it.  But that really isn't any major issue that would prevent me from recommending this to someone. Overall, we love this pack and play and would recommend it to friends. 


Killeen, TX


Two and happy


I have two of these and love them. They were more expensive than some but well worth the money.  The bassinet folds up and nice and small which is important.  The company also backs the product.  I have been thrilled that I decided to spend the extra money to get a better product. I love all of the extras and the fact that even with extras, this is still a very small set up.  These are great for travel.  I also used to have one set up in my bedroom so that when my twins were newborns, I could have them sleep in the bedroom with me at night but sleep in their own bedroom in their cribs for naps during the day.  They are convenient yet stable. I love the print and have found the bassinet feature well worth while for infants. Whats not to love? My only complaint is that now that we are done using it, I have no idea how they ever fit it all in one box originally. It was easy to take out and set up but not so easy to put away.


Suffield, CT


We would be lost without our Pack N Play


We bought this pack n play before the birth of our first child and it was well worth the money.  Both my children have slept in the bassinet part for the first few weeks of their lives.  It's nice having the bassinet attachment so that you don't have to bend all the way over to pick up your little one. The diaper changing attachment was super convenient and since I had two boys who both liked to pee during diaper changes, it was definately nice than having to change their diapers on our bed.  It is also super easy to clean which is nice.  The only complaint I have with the diaper changing part is that it leans to one side which means the baby has a tendency of rolling to that side as well. The mobile part seemed kind of useless.  Neither of my kids were real into mobiles.  Plus, it just hangs there and doesn't do anything.  Not sure why they even include it. The music part and vibrating attachment are nice but they take a lot of batteries and never seemed worth it to us. We also LOVE this product for traveling.  It is super easy to set up and break down (once you know how.)  My son slept in it when we were out of town until 2 and a half.


Lynnwood, WA


Must have!


In my opinion, the pack n play is more important to have than a crib or a changing table! This pack n play is so durable. It is perfect for when you just had your baby and want to keep him or her close by. Nighttime diaper changes are a breeze with the changing table attachment. The mobile is also great because it can entertain baby during both changings and sleep time. I love it! After your baby gets a bit older, it also makes for a great portable crib for even my older daughter. I don't think I could live without it. This one is so cute with the hoot pattern. It was easy to put together straight out of the box and it's easy to take apart and put back together now. It actually is on wheels so you can move it easier. Ours fits through our bedroom door so I can literally bring baby with me if I want to. I haven't seen any recalls on the Graco pack n plays, which is reassuring as many other brands have had them. Overall, I feel confident that my child will spend a LOT of time in this pack n play and be safe and have all his needs met. Plus, the cute pattern makes me smile. 


Fort Stewart, GA


So convenient, just what I needed


**We got the Graco Pack N Play Little Hoot for our last child because the baby's nursery was a little far from out room, and we wanted to have her near for the first several months.  We bought the **Graco Pack N Play Little Hoot so that we could have the baby right next to our bed so I wouldn't have to go far to get the baby to nurse or change diapers.  I love that the **Graco Pack N Play Little Hoot is a crib, bassinet, changing table, ipod player, and even has a mobile for baby to look at. While one of the pricier items we bought for our baby, the **Graco Pack N Play Little Hoot was definitely worth the money to us.  NOw that our little one is getting older, it's still so handy to have a Pack N Play for vacations so that we have a portable bed if we go to someone's house who doesn't have a crib, or it's also nice to bring a long your own crib when the hotel ones are so nasty.  Overall,  we're really happy with our Graco Pack N Play.  ********


emmacreek, KS


Excellent choice!!


This was by far one of our most valuable purchases! Our daughter slept in this from the time we brought her home from the hospital until she was 4 months old. The bassinet feature worked great for us. The diaper changing station was great as well. We were able to use that until she was around 10- 12 pounds or so...it started to bow a little as she got heavier. It was no problem because it was just as easy to change her in the bassinet. The diaper stacker was awesome! We were able to store extra diapers in it when she slept in our room. This folds up so easily so we were able to take it with us anywhere we went. It was especially useful when we went on vacation this summer. We just folded it up and went! It works great as a playpen. My parents were renovating their home so we put her in it to play so she was out of the way of tools etc. It has wheels on the bottom so it can be moved room to room. It's great as a second crib...my 2 year old niece has stayed over and needed a place to nap so she slept in it.  I love the design. The mobile is adorable and the owls are just the cutest! Way to go Graco! This is definitely worth your money!


Memphis, TN


Little hoot is worth every penny


This is my little secret...... I never used a crib. Ever! This was a bassinet , a changing table, a play pen, a place to store outgrown clothes and diapering in transition. This thing does it all and it comes in a cute owl print that no one can deny is one of their best prints ever! Firstly there is a bassinet feature in this one ( which is one of the most valuable aspects to this particular model in my opinion) Which makes diaper changes for a newborn a breeze as well as the fast that it keeps other toddler/siblings/pets away from the baby. Secondly, it's a play pen so when your little one is starting to roll and crawl you can roll your play pen anywhere in the house, yard, etc you need to be. Which is ubber awesome! Thirdly, it's got a mobile that will entertain during diaper changes.. which is a really nice feature especially if you are using it more as a crib/co sleeper/bassinet. I got the most use out of mine during the infant and newborn stages but those stages of use were invaluable to me. Plus I think these are now on clearance at Target. so it's worth a peek to get it on the cheap.


Cullman, AL


Graco Pack N Play Little Hoot

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