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Graco My Ride 65 Convertible Car Seat with Safety Surround Side Impact Protection, Nico

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Love this but hard to clean


I love this product and reccommend it on a fail basis. Super easy to set up and install also easy to switch cars. Only have 2 cons its super heavy and not easy to take apart and put back together for cleaning




Over all Good seat for the price


I had such high hopes as a fan of Graco product's. I own the Graco Extend to fit that I love. It's easy to set up has good recline option and easy to use. So when we needed a seat for Dads truck we though the Graco my ride 65 would be awesome. I was wrong 😔 My Daughter has / had her car seat front facing and even with it at a position 3 the recline is still to upright. She looked like a bobble head when she passed out. On a long car trip. It got so bad that we had to pull over and turn the seat rear facing again. As her little head and neck just did not have the level of recline with this seat. It is sad because we love it other than this one major down fall. It's easy to install the ease of the latch system is great. The fact that it only takes one hand to adjust the shoulder/ head rest belt high is great. The fabrics and straps are great quality and the added shoulder next protection covers are a great add on for their seat. We will definitely use this seat when she gets to be a little older and has more head control while resting.


Manchester NH


Good Carseat


We have used this car seat for over a year with my 2 1/2 year old. It is good as far as consumer ratings go for protection. However, it is very, very heavy and easy for children to unbuckle by themselves, Also, once you take the cover off to clean it, it is very difficult to put it back on and have it stay on properly. Design Great overall design for protection. Safety Harness is easy for older children to unbuckle at the chest clip. Child Comfort My son loves his car seat and is comfortable in it. Maneuverability Very heavy and difficult to get in and out of car. Better for those who do not have to switch vehicles frequently. Durability Have used this seat for over a year and is still in good condition. Only complaint is that once you take the cover off to wash it, it is not easy to get back onto the seat and keep it fastened.




Keeps child safe


Very good at keeping your child safe Design Nice design Safety Comfortable straps that won't break or come apart Child Comfort Very cushy, cute material design Maneuverability Easy to transfer from cars. Light enough to carry around Durability Made very sturdy very durable, all points of safety. Your child will love this


Armada, MI


Graco My Ride 65 Convertible Car Seat with Safety Surround Side Impact Protection, Nico

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