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Graco Mosaic Stroller

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Graco Mosaic stroller is compact, versitile and easy to use.


I got the Graco Mosaic as a baby shower gift for my first child. I wasn't even looking at this one, but I love it now. It folds like an umbrella stroller (not quite as small as a typical one), so I have room in my trunk for other things as well. It will hold an infant seat (I had a Graco infant SafeSeat), but is comfortable for an older child too. It buckles securely (optional 5-point harness), but is easy to unfasten for me as well. The child cupholder is a mesh pocket, so sometimes difficult to use, but still functional.

Saint Louis, MO


The greatest stroller!


I am in love with this stroller!  When registering for my daughter's arrival I was naturally considering all the bulky travel systems, but I happened upon a pink and brown infant carrier that I loved.  So I searched out it's matching stroller and lo and behold it was this lovely lightweight stroller ... I was instantly attracted!  I am very frugal minded and think of things as long term investments and when I saw this stroller I instantly knew I wanted it.  I wouldn't have the need to buy an umbrella stroller when the time came!  I can also remember my sister-in-law telling me I must have a McClaren when it was time to graduate to an umbrella stroller, but there is no need to buy one of those over priced strollers now!  Every time we use this stroller, which is a lot, my husband and I both rave about it!  We are so satisfied!  It is agile, sturdy, holds the infant carrier perfectly, folds and unfolds in a snap ... what more could you ask for!  I would tell any mom to purchase it!  

Citrus Heights, CA


After 9 years of strollers, the Graco Mosaic is one of my favs!


When it was time to move out of the travel system for daily use and into a good, durable all the time stroller, the Graco Mosaic stood out among the rest! Having our 3rd and final child, I wanted this stroller to be all that I ever wanted and I was willing to splurge if needed. There are several features I love about the Graco Mosaic. I love the handles, having the split design makes it easy to steer with one hand, the angle of the handles also makes them very comfortable to hold, bringing the handles higher than a standard umbrella stroller, which always hurt my back, means I don't have to hunch over, I can stand up straight and comfortably. I love the roomy compartment underneath, I can easily fit a diaper bag, purse and jackets. The 5-point harness system is great - and I love how easy it is to unfasten and get my daughter out, it is a very smart design having all four straps latch independently but unlatch simultaneously. The recline feature is one of the best, most compact strollers have a very limited recline, but the Graco Mosaic allows my daughter to fully recline. It rides and pushes very smoothly and is the perfect size to get through the tight spacing of clothing stores! Two things that I wish were different are: no drink cup holder, although I can attach one to the side which is an easy fix, I would prefer to have one as part of the stroller itself. Also, I wish the hood was able to be pulled in front of my daughter instead of just above and mostly behind her. If we are walking facing the sun there isn't a way to shield her. All things considered, I love this stroller and am very, very happy with our purchase.

Mattawan, MI


LOVE the Graco Mosaic Stroller!!!


I have had the Graco Mosaic stroller for about 3 years now. I traded in my big, bulky Graco stroller (which I LOVED, but just needed to downsize) for this stroller. From what I can tell, it is very comparable to the Maclaren umbrella strollers. It is so simple to use, easy to push and takes up very little space. I have no complaints about this stroller and would recommend it to anyone.

Lehi, UT


Would buy the Graco Mosaic Stroller again in a heartbeat!


We love the Graco Mosaic's slim design and the fact that it folds up like an umbrella stroller. We own a Honda Civic and it left plently of space in our trunk for groceries, etc. It was also very easy to push and fit in store ailses much better than the full size strollers. I also love the handles, they made it so much easier to push and hold. The brakes worked really good and were easy to lodge and dislodge. The storage underneath was just big enough and it had a bottle holder which was away from babies reach! I also loved the fabric and color options. Very cool! We used this with 2 of our babies and it held up wonderfully. Would defiantly last many years!

Colorado Springs, CO


I love this stroller!


I love this stroller!  I needed and wanted a lightweight stroller that was both functional and cute!  This did the trick.  I have had it now for just over a year and I love it.  It is easy to clean, folds up just as an umbrella stroller does, and is lightweight.  A big thing for us is the fact that it is a lightweight stroller, and the handles are tall enough for someone even 6ft to push comfortably!  Not to mention it is so cute!  I own a model in brown and pink for my daughter.   I was using a graco travel system stroller and while it was very sturdy, as my daughter got older, the need for a tank began to decrease.  It was huge, heavy, and not that cute in my mind.  The back goes down quite a bit so she can practically lay down in it,  as well as sit up, and it is sturdy enough to attach a carseat for new Mommies and Daddies, and the basket is a good size.  I love this stroller!  Also it has a 5 point harness, which most light weight strollers do not have.  I think its the perfect meld of everything important for a stroller! 

Fairborn, OH


Good mid-sized stroller...price could be better


I like the size of this stroller, how easy it is to fold and unfold, and the adjustable 5-point harness. Mine is very squeaky now after about a year of very light use, but I'm sure I can fix that if I take a second to do so. I don't like the pull strap that reclines the seat, it can be difficult to get the seat to it's full upright position, and you have to use both hands. Unless it's on a good sale I think the price is a little high and there are other cheaper alternatives that are just as nice if not better. Also the removable cupholder kept popping off of mine and now it's lost :(

Strasburg, VA


This stroller is a lemon!


The Mosaic stroller from Graco was surprisingly disappointing!  My first stroller was a Graco and I LOVED it, so naturally when I found the need for a new stroller, I turned to Graco expecting quality, durability and decent value for my money.  Our Mosaic stroller is rickety and loud (SQEAKY).  The seat does not let my baby sit upright, even at it's highest position.  The basket is small, but the openings to put anything in it are even smaller.  When you fold the stroller up, the very large wheels rub on the canopy, so the once lovely green-tea accent is now smudged with black streaks and looks dirty and worn.  My baby is only 8 months old, so needless to say, I am disappointed and unhappy to be searching for a new stroller so soon.

Cordova, TN


Graco Mosaic Stroller

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