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Graco MetroLite LX Stroller

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I would purchase a Graco stroller again


They are sometimes hard to assemble. Pieces don't always snap easily, but that is not always a bad thing. The strollers are sturdy. I have purchased 3, and have never had a problem with anything falling off, or having any of them cause me safety concerns. Design The only thing that I didn't like about the design was that the bottom basket can fold down when you put items into it. Durability Some of the materials tend to fade over time.


Washington, IL


it's so great


The **Graco Dream On Me Stroller** is awsome. you can push it just about anywhere and you don't have to worry about the sun on the baby or anyone messing with the baby. and you can make it a infinte stroller or a toddler stroller which either way is best.


Lexington, NC


best stroller


i love this stroller. i have heard all good things about this product so i bought it and all my friends were right.very light weight, i can fold it and lift it with 1 hand. great quality, and is also comfy enough for the baby. i would use it again with my second baby. there is plenty of storage space located under the stroller.


Columbus, OH


Very nice product.


I bought the Graco MetroLite LX Stroller for my 2 month old and I have found it is a very nice product. It is light weight and easy to maneuver and so simple to open and close. It has height adjustable handles and easily folds with just one hand. It's not too bulky easy to get around in the store and fits easily in trunk without taking up alot of room. This stroller accepts Graco SnugRide, SnugRide 32 and Infant SafeSeat car seats. It has a large basket and parent tray with cup holder which makes this great for parent and child too.  I love this stroller because it has a 3 and 5 point harness for the growing child. Has reclining position so baby can be comfortable while napping. Also I like how it lays flat, it makes it easy for changing diapers. Has a canopy with a peek a boo window that I think is great, I love being able to look down on my little man. He seems to love it too. I would definitely recommend this product to others, just cannot say enough good about it.      


Westmoreland, TN


Nice quality and very cozy stroller


This stroller has many great features that come with it. It truly is light weight, which is helpful in handling it with having your small children with you. It's also quite cozy for the children. It's cushiony in it's seating. It has a very nice tray and cup holder on the front of the stroller. It provides a nice place that make a parent happy about where their child is sitting. It's also very sturdy. It doesn't feel like a cheap stroller, yet the price is very reasonable. It feels solid when we go for walks around the neighborhood with this stroller and takes bumps and going over grass nicely. It provides a large underneath basket for all of your goodies, as well as, two cup holders and a small hide away place for something such as your keys.


Dover, FL


comfortable stroller


When my daughter was born, my sister bought us a Graco MetroLite LX stroller. I have used this stroller for almost a year. This graco metrolite LX stroller still functions wonderfully. I am sure it will take us through another year. This stroller is not the fanciest but it works great for us. The pink color is what I want for my little baby. I take this stroller every night for walks around our complex. My baby feel comfortable in it. She sometimes sleep in it comfortablly. This stroller has a light weight. I can put this stroller out of the trunk with one hand. The stroller is also be used a travel system with the graco SnugRide car seat. I do not need a travel system with this stoller. I also tried the graco travel system which is too heavy for me. This graco snug ride is compact enough to roll up and put it into the trunk. The fabric of this stroller is easy to clean. However, it will need a little time to take this cover off. Maybe they can make a cover for this stroller and easy to be taken off for cleaning.


Houston, TX


Love this stroller Graco


This stroller is awesome! Graco really hit the mark when they designed this light weight easy to use stroller. It is not so big and bulky it cant fit into stores and it easy to set up and take down.not so heavy that you cant lift it either. This is a great stroller for the money i recommend it greatly!


New Town, ND


Love this stroller!


I love the Graco MetroLite LX Stroller! I love the option of being able to put the carseat directly in the stroller. This is great for when baby is small and fell asleep in the carseat, you wont have to wake them. I love the different recline positions of the seat. The two cup holders is a great feature, you can put your drink in one, and the baby bottle in another. I love the little storage cup next to the cup holders, this is great for putting your keys or wallet. There is a lot of storage room in the basket, which can fit quite a bit of items. This is very lite and easy to lift. Opening and closing is easy with one button and hand use. The Graco MetroLite stroller was very easy to put together and didn't take much time at all. I love how the arm straps all come apart, if your baby falls asleep it makes it easy to get them out of the stroller, with out waking them up. I don't think it's the easiest to clean if it gets dirty. You can wipe it down, but taking the cloth apart is a bit of a pain. Overall I really love this stroller and would recommend.


Boise, ID


Grace Metrolite


The Graco Metrolite is my absolute favorite stroller.  The infant carrier seat has been outgrown by both of my children and passed along to someone else along with the base but I could not bring myself to part with this stroller.  It has been left out in a rain storm accidentally and it didn't rust at all.  It is so easy to fold up and haul around.  You have to fold the handle in to get it to fit in a Ford Fusion Hybrid as the trunk space is much smaller but it still fits!  I have taken this stroller and gate checked it on numerous flights and it still looks new, it must be indestructible because the workers were not very gentle with it at all.  You can push this stroller on trails, it isn't my favorite thing to do but it does work.  Sometimes the wheels don't stay locked but my son thought it was more fun when he ended up off the path, silly kid.  I think that the recall on it was lame, parents need to buckle their kids in and pay attention. 


Mount Pleasant, MI


love our graco stroller!


we have had our graco stroller for about 3 years and it has always been great!  it has held up amazingly!  it has been through rain, shine, snow, sleet, etc.  you name it and it has been through it!  and it still looks brand new. of course, i keep it clean by wiping it down after a few uses and not letting the kids use it as a toy! but it has been wonderful through two infants and toddlers.  the sun blocker is great for infants who are laying down during walks and need the sun out of their face.  and the carrier in back is great to throw purses, toys, snacks and diaper bags into.  plus it folds down so easily to throw in the back of our SUV. the only complaint i have is that is a little big and bulky.  we have an SUV and a regular sized sedan and the stroller will not fit in the large trunk of the car.  so whenever we are taking the graco stoller out with us we are forced to take the SUV, which is not always convenient.  otherwise..we love it! 


Rockford, MI


Graco MetroLite LX Stroller

4.3 30