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Graco: Folding Potty Seat

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Graco: Folding Potty Seat - Sounds great in theory, but...


Graco: Folding Potty Seat - Sounds great in theory, but performed poorly in practice. As a busy mom of a 2-year-old toddler, it seemed to be a very good idea. However, I found that the folding potty seat did not fit all toilets. In fact, it failed to fit more toilets than it did fit. When the seat did not fit, you had to hold it in place to use it. Since it did not fit properly it seemed to make my son nervous to use it. At one point when I let go of it, the thing fell in the toilet - and at a public rest room no one wants to be digging out a folding potty seat. The fact that it was not stable scared my son as well. When it shifted around it threw off his concentration. Then he would all of a sudden not have to go. This led to 2 separate accidents. He was ashamed and it made him cry. Confidence is key when a newly trained toddler is honing his potty skills. The Graco Folding Potty Seat ended up to be far more trouble than it was worth. It definitely was not worth the money. The tote bag that Graco provided to transport the Folding Potty Seat was shabby. I ended up using a plastic zip lock bag instead as it was more sturdy. The idea behind the Graco Folding Potty Seat is a good one and it does satisfy a very real need. However, until this product is redesigned to fit most toilets, I would not waste my money to purchase this.


Fernandina Beach, FL


Not Worth the Money.


I bought this for my daughter so we could not have to carry a big potty ring around. It didn't fit any of the toilets and and every time she tried to sit on it it would slide and scare her. It did have a carry bag but it was unusable because once I tried to put the potty seat in, it ripped.




Graco folding potty seat doesn't fit


I bought this potty seat for travel for my newly toilet trained son. It did not fit either the standard toilet at my mother's house or the toilet at a hotel we stayed in. Trying to hold the folding seat on the toilet and hold up my son was much more trouble than it was worth. I bought it not for a barrier from the toilet seat but to make the opening smaller and give him greater independence on the toilet, but it certainly did not do that. I am not sure where one would use this seat if it does not fit toilets or what toilet it would fit. The "storage bag" it comes with is nothing more than a ziploc and mine even came with a hole in the bottom making it pretty useless. I wish I had read some reviews before buying this product. I just assumed being from Graco it would be a good product. I am sorely disappointed in this product and would not recommend it to others. I think the product is a good idea, but it just did not work.


Saint Louis, MO


Graco: Folding Potty Seat

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