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Graco DuoGlider LXI 7951GGG Standard Stroller

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A Gliding Stroller for Two - used with twins from infancy


We used this with our newborn twins until they turned 4 and they also shared it with their younger (not-so-little) brother. We used this all the time--in good weather, multiple times daily. We used it for outdoor walks and indoor shopping trips, and it was a great benefit (at a good price) for us! We loved this thing and it withstood a lot of use and even getting backed into once. The bottom tore once, but we had overloaded it, and we were able to sew that part to working order. It was mostly easy to load. It was heavy, but all double strollers are--most are worse. It actually was pretty easy to travel, but it did take up a lot of room. (Again, double strollers will do that.) Design I was impressed at how useful this thing was with cupholders and shading. I would have liked more shading for the front seat, but it was ok. The seats bend back for children to rest in a more horizontal position. Safety I feel like this thing protected my kids well. Child Comfort It could have been comfier, but for the price, I think it was great. My kids loved having it as a relief from walking through Disney World. No complaints here. Maneuverability A jogger stroller may be more smooth, but this thing got around. Some trouble lugging it around, but by the end we had two four year olds in it. Durability Did I mention this thing was run over? By the end it wasn't exactly pretty, but it still worked.




Does the job.


The quality of the stroller is good. However, it is very large, even for a double. I found myself apologizing nonstop in the mall or at a park where it was crowded. Hard to turn or get over bumps in the sidewalk. I enjoy the extra storage on the bottom and it doesn't scrape the ground if in use. Design The design is efficient. Safety I felt comfortable placing my children in here as long as they were buckled in. My toddler found it too easy to crawl around in otherwise and the stroller tips easy that way. Child Comfort My toddler often fell asleep in here so I take that as comfort. Maneuverability Hard to turn around sharper corners or into elevators. I had to learn the art of maneuvering with this stroller compared to a Joovy. Durability No complaints.




Graco DuoGlider LXI 7951GGG Standard Stroller

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