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Graco Compact Baby Swing Laura Ashley - Canterbury

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Graco swing saved my back


I used this Graco Ashley swing for my most recent child. She spent the first 3 months of her life in this swing. It plays music and has six different speeds. I found the faster speeds useful to put her to sleep, and the slower speeds were great to help keep her asleep. She slept in this swing through the night and it did not seem to use it's D batteries too quickly. There is a variety of music, but she did not seem to react favorably to the noise. She'd rather the sound of a fan in the room. It had a very comfortable seat with great head support for such a small baby. It did not have a harness, but a plastic tray that was lowered and split between the legs. The fabric was washable, which is good for babies who tend to spit up alot. My baby was large however, and grew out of the swing by about three months. I would say it  probably would not hold much more than 20 pounds or so. I would reccomend this swing to anyone with a newborn. It saved my back from constantly having to rock her to sleep, and then hold her once she was asleep.

Baton Rouge, LA


Graco Compact Baby Swing Laura Ashley - Canterbury

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