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Graco Compact Baby Swing - Tango in the Tongo

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Great swing with out the big price tag!


My youngest son was a very light sleeper, the only time he would really sleep deeply was in this swing, the speed settings are nice and the seat reclines easily and smoothly, which can be a big plus when you have to recline an already sleeping baby. It does not make much noise when it's running, and the noise it does make is actually very rythmic and soothing, I found it even helped me to fall asleep, it is also compact and easy to set up and easy on the budget. Because you can fold the legs up, it is easy to store, the fabric washes up nicely and the infant head rest that comes with it really works well to keep babies head from sliding to the side. My only complaint, and I found this actually with most swings, is that it kills batteries very quickly and it can be expensive to replace 4 C batteries over and over again, so I tell everyone that gives a swing as a gift to include a package of batteries or better still, rechargable ones!

Howell, NJ


Comfortable Quiet Swing


This is a great swing. There is wonderful padding and my babies would love to fall asleep in it. If they were really fussy all I had to do was put them in it and they would be a sleep in just a few minutes. It has several speeds and the design is cute. I like how it reclines.  If your baby is sitting up and then falls asleep it is easy to recline it with out waking him up. I also like that this swing is compact. It doesn't take up a lot of room and it is easy to carry around the house.  It reclines to three different levels. It does use a lot of batteries so that can add up and become expensive. The five point harness is a plus. Other swings I have seen do not have this feature. I like to know if I turn my back for a minute my baby will be safe! I am a minimalist. I don't want all the bells and whistles. And this swing is just simple. Not a lot of extras! The fabric is easy to remove and clean too, which we have had to do.

Big Sandy, TX


Graco Compact Baby Swing - Tango in the Tongo

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