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Graco Classic Pooh Compact Swing - Let's Fly a Kite

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Cute Swing


I actually had to exchange this as the first one didn't work right. The second was fine though. My baby loved this swing. I'd sing "swinging on a star" and spin the rings on the toy and she'd happily sit and enjoy the ride. It was exciting when she became aware of the toys and played with them.  It's really cute too, and complimented our Classic Pooh theme.  Sometimes she'd swing to sleep in it.  It was handy when I had something to do, like take a shower.  I knew she'd be safe and content.

Lima, OH


Good, but not great


My husband and I purchased this swing when we were expecting our first child. It's a cute swing (though quite bulky, as all infant swings are), and we were looking forward to our daughter spending time in it. But we were kind of disappointed. First, the motor is REALLY loud. Like, overpowers the room loud. Second, it runs through batteries in a flash. I feel like we spent a small fortune on batteries for this swing, even though our daughter wasn't in it all that much. And third, it was really hard to put our daughter into the swing without disturbing her. The tray is too bulky and rests at an odd angle relative to a baby's tummy. Additionally, it takes up a lot of room in storage--we're holding onto it for our next child, and frankly, we can't wait to get it out of our house! Overall--good if you don't think your child will be spending that much time in a swing. It is cute, and gender-neutral. But too loud and too much of a battery-waster for me to recommend it.

Louisville, KY


The vairable speed lets me adjust easily to fit my baby's needs.


  The Graco "Classic Pooh" allows for easy use and storage.  It easily collapses the legs towards eachother for easier storage and works well in homes with little storage avaliable and does not take a lot of effort to fold up.    The interchangable toys are great for grabbing the attention of your baby and he will love loooking at himself in the mirror.   The vairable speed option makes it easy to change the speed of the swing to tailor to your baby's needs.  It also includes a removable head support for younger babies and infants.  The adjustable seat lets you lower back when needed, if your baby should fall asleep.   It's a good product and it was very easy to put together.   It has an easy shut off and takes (4) "C" batteries.  There's a tray for snacks or extra toys that can be removed for cleaning - just remember to lower the seat in order to remove it properly!!  There are a few draw-backs, however... it does not have a music or massage option and only runs on batteries - it does not come with an A/C adaptor.

Wrightwood, CA


Exactly The Swing You'd Expect For The Price.


We got the Graco Classic Pooh Compact Swing for our baby shower. Now that my daughter is 2 months old, she enjoys spending time in the swing, so I give her some swingy time every day. Pros: The swing was very easy to put together, and is easy to use. The dial for speed setting shows you a turtle at one end and a rabbit at the other, to indicate slow to fast. Cons: While I doubt this is available anywhere, it would be ***so*** nice if a company would make a swing with an optional AC adaptor so you could plug it in instead of wasting batteries!

Tucson, AZ


good for a while


we got this graco clasic pooh swing for our nephew who lives in our house with his parents. the legs do seem to be unstable when assembled, as it swings, the entire swing will rock uneasily. It is more stable on carpet than our hardwood floor. The motor is not really quiet. It has a knocking noise as it swings which is very noticeable however he seemed to like the noise.  At the slower speeds, it is not very comforting to the baby. We have to keep the swing at medium to high for him to even enjoy it. however this said, the baby is in the swing at least two times a day and seems to want to be in it more. i would probably not buy this again but if you get as a gift it would be worth it.  this swing has nice neutral colors, a very cute print and it comes with two toys. also, the graco classic pooh swing is easy to use, easy to adjust easy to clean and easy to assemble. it took about 15 minutes and i wasnt paying attention to putting it together the whole time.

Harvard, IL


Graco Classic Pooh Compact Swing - Let's Fly a Kite

3.4 5