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Graco Bumper Jumper Twi

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Hours of baby energy can be burnt off!


My Daughter loves this! She goes crazy in it. Its safe, and loads of fun for her. She can bounce, swing or just have something helping her build her leg muscles with no real danger of falling. This is a great item for me as well, because if I need to get something done and can't hold her it keeps her from getting into trouble if I need to look away, or even take a minute to do something where she is out of site. They are well built and heavy duty so hours and hours of bouncing won't destroy it. There are very few toys that have kept her interest more than a few days and this is one of them. She quickly learned to jump and swing herself without any help. The one downfall is it needs to be attached to a door frame vs. Which means we can't use this in every room, because we only have a few compatible doors in our house. That aside the price is right for hours of entertainment that it provides my little one. Well worth the buy.




One of the best baby items I bought


This in my opinion was the best thing I bought for my daughter. She absolutely loved it. When my daughter was first born she was slightly pigion toed, but this product helped straighten them and helped build muscle in her legs. This provided hours of entertainment for her and helped me out alot. Anytime I would need a break or needed to do something, I could set her in the jumper and be assured that she would be safe. Another great feature is the washable seat, it simply unclips and you throw it in the washer, it's as simple as that! The toys on the sides also provided a source of entertainment if she got tired of jumping and the tray was nice if I wanted to give her a light snack. After several months of using this my daughter did grow too heavy and we had to put it away. I loved the fact that it folded so thin and barely takes anyroom in my attic. I feel confident in say that this is a great product and I know that we will deffinatly be using it with our next child. P.S. I got mine super cheap at Toys'R'us. They offen have coupons for this product!


Apollo Beach, FL


LOVE IT, except for the height limitations


The Graco Bumper Jumper is one of my son's favorite places to play.  It keeps him out of trouble while I'm trying to load the dishwasher or anything that requires him to stay put for a while.  He prefers the jumper to the exersaucer also, perhaps because he has more control over the experience he's having.  With our first son, we had a different jumper which was nowhere near as durable as this one.  The straps would fray against the plastic pole on our old jumper, but this Graco Bumper Jumper does not have that problem at all!  The design is a lot smarter. The one thing I *would* change about the Graco Bumper Jumper is the length of the straps.  When our son was just 5 months old, the straps were already adjusted nearly to the end of the allowance.  Now that he is 12 months old, my husband has had to rig it with pins and tape (securely, but not pretty).  I think maybe it was designed for taller ceilings/doorjams.  I fully expect to use this jumper until my son cannot fit into it!  It's the best one on the market.


Los Gatos, CA


A Baby Must Have


I love this jumper, only the one thing I would change about it, is the ages that it says are appropriate. My daughter loved jumping in it from about 2 and a half months on. She eventually grew too tall for it, and we are really bummed about that because despite everyone telling us that we needed a swing and baby bouncer, she really didn't like those and would spend maybe a few minutes in them before she decided she was done. So I was really grateful to have this jumper so I could get some dishes and laundry done while she was distracted. The one I have is older, and didn't come with toys, but I loved that there were clips for hanging toys so I could hang some of her favorites in front of her while she jumped.


Provo, UT


Graco Bumper Jumper Twi---a peace maker in the home!


If you have a very active baby who does not like to be contained, this is the swing for you. When my son was a baby he did not like to be left alone and always wanted me in his sight. In addtion, he wanted to move about all of the time. This swing is the only reason I got anything done. I could put it on the door to my kitchen and he would bounce happily while I cooked and cleaned. It feels amazingly secure and snug and I never had to worry about it falling down. It also seems very safe and I never had any problem with him wraping himself up in the ropes. Overall it is very well built. It did seem a bit long for the doorway so I had to twist it around and knot it once which probably is not the safest thing ever.


Fort Worth, TX


Love my jumper


**Graco Bumper Jumper Twi is a good thing to have if you have more than one floor like I do in my house. I like to have my children with me when I am on a different level of the house although I don't like to drag up their big toys in order to enertain them. And, I certainly can't afford to have jumpers and bouncers and such on all three levels. So, this is a great alternative.** **Simply put it in a doorway, adjust the height, and let baby start jumping away. It is safe, fun, and a great way to help baby develop their leg strength while enertaining themselves.** **I think the biggest problem is that you have to have a doorway with a frame to hang it from. Since I don't have a frame in my basement, my husband put a two by four between the cross beams and made a mock doorway for it. It isn't the prettiest thing, but it works. ANd since it is my basement that is somehting I can get away with.** **I also like that it is SOOOO easy to clean. Simply wipe it down and pull out the chair and throw it in the wash.**


Wayne, MI


Graco Bumper Jumper very safe!


We have the Graco Bumper Jumper and a bouncy exersaucer. I gave the Graco Bumper Jumper four stars instead of five merely because our daughter likes to bounce in the exersaucer more than the Bumper Jumper. The exersaucer has a variety of lights, sounds, and toys to entertain the baby, where as the Bumper Jumper only has two small toys for the baby to look at. However, if you interested in the Bumper Jumper, I can high recommend it. It is very safe. The part the attaches to the door is durable and built so that it cannot slip from the doorframe. The bumper around the jumper is great because it prevents the baby from hitting the door frame when she bounces into it. The bumper is a tray around the jumper, which is nice if you want to put extra toys on it for the baby to play with. You can easily travel with it, and it is adjustable in height so that it grows with the baby. It is very durable and you can remove the seat to wash it.


Tuscaloosa, AL


graco jumper


Graco the trusted name in baby items, good product in that saves space for a jumper, not so good that need door frame with moulding to use it and the limited use of it. Better to have the stand up jumper.


Danbury, CT


Great Jumper


This is such a portable and fun toy. My son will bounce in this for a long time and have such a grin on his face the entire time. It was so cute watching him learn to bounce himself. He feels very proud of himself for being able to bounce well. You have to have a normal doorway with a sturdy frame, but it is very easy to put up and take down. The most difficult part is getting my son in and out. He loves to play with the attached toys and bounce in circles. It is nice to have larger doorways so you do not have to worry about them jamming a finger, but so far he has been alright. He did get a hand stuck down where his body goes for a second, which looked quite uncomfortable. So, you do need to keep a steady eye on them while they use this jumper. I have so far been happy with every Graco baby item I have purchased. It is also very height adjustable, which is very important for their safety while bouncing.


Brandon, FL




I loved using this jumper with my first child.  She was incredibly active very early on and this provided hours of entertainment! The best part about this was that it was easy to move around.  I could easily bring it from room to room as I was doing chores around the house and she could always be with me.  I loved this ability to have her with me wherever I was! The only challenge was that you need a solid doorframe to hook it onto.  Before renovations in my house it was fine, but later we were limited to the areas in which we could use it.  I know some people are concerned with the jumper falling.  I never once had this problem, even with extensive use. My daughter loved this so much she would often fall asleep in it which jumping around.  It was also very easy to take with us to visit people without children.  This way I had a way for my kids to play and have fun while keeping them close and safe!


Guilford, CT


Graco Bumper Jumper Twi

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