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Graco 643AE Series Stroller

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Graco 643AE Series Stroller is easy to use and store


Graco 643AE Series Stroller is easy to use and easy to store.  We do a lot of walking on sidewalks.  This stroller has been Very helpful to us.  I appreciate the Big basket underneath -- lots of storage space.  Attached to the handle are two cup holders and a little tray for storage.  The cup holders are not deep enough to really use for normal cups -- the normal cups spill when you go over bumps or just walk faster than a 2 year old (when they are not running).  The stroller shade has a little window so when the shade is up, you can still look down on your precious bundle.  The closing mechanism is on the handle.  You have to push the red button to the side and turn the gray handle to collapse the stroller.  We had one stroller that was supposed to close easily, but I never could get it to close, so I appreciate that this stroller will close easily.  The tray on the front of the stroller hasn't been of much to me.  It does come off, so when I am trying to carry the stroller up stairs, I have to remind anyone who is helping me that the tray is not permanently attached.  Graco 643AE Series Stroller is easy to use and store.


Chattanooga, TN


This Graco is a good stroller


This stroller does not have any fancy bells or whistles.  It is just a basic stroller.   If you are looking for a fancy stoller, this is not the one for you.  That said, it is a good stroller.  After several years of use, it is still in good condition and the wheels are still working well.  They do not get stuck at all or have any difficulty turning.  The back of this stroller can be difficult to adjust, and you have to fold the stroller down to reset the back.  My daughter seems to find this stoller comfortable, she rides in it for long periods of time without complaint.  This stroller folds down easily and is also easy to unfold.  One major disadvantage to this stroller is the lack of a chest strap.  My daughter often tries to lean over the side, and ultimately this will lead me to get a new stroller with a chest restraint.  This stroller also has a basket on the bottom for storage, which I have found to be convinient.


Underwood, MN


This Graco 643AE stroller works great


This graco 643AE stroller was the first stroller we purchased.  It is a great stroller.  I was never disappointed with it's performance.  I loved the fact that the car seat just clipped on the stroller and you were ready to go.  It is very easy to open and close.  We my son was small, it was great just to be able to move them from the car to the stroller without disturbing him if he was asleep.  I love the little view window.  It was very helpful especially when the car seat was used with the stroller.  When my daughter was less that three weeks old we went to a theme park for a day and she did great.  The basket underneath is perfect for holding all the kids stuff along with mom and dad's stuff too.  The stroller has held up great to my first two children.  It doesn't show the dirt which is also a huge plus for me.  It goes well on different surfaces.  And even though I don't need it as much right now, I'm still keeping it because it is such a good product


Cherokee Village, AR


extremely convenient


When the time came to buy a stroller for my son, I asked few moms for advice. One of them has 6 kids and when she recommended this GRACO 643AE model I took the advice very seriousley (the woman knows what she's talking about, right?) And you know what, I think despite all the tens (if not hundreds) of models available on the market I made the right choice. You can use it for babies and toddlers. You can fold it very easy, put it in the trunk so you can practically use it everywhere you can find a sidewalk. We carry it everywhere we go because no matter how much energy my son has, once in a while he gets tired and it is nice to know that I don't have to carry him myself around. Lot of storage space for both baby and "pusher" so if you go out for a walk you can take with you whatever you need for the ride. It is very durable too, I have been using it for more then a year and a half now and still no signs of"sickness" at all.


Beatrice, NE


Great gift


The Graco 643AE Stroller is wonderfully brilliant. I have given two of these to two family members who had new babies. They were both thrilled that they were given at the shower. They had both registered for this item because they had heard about them from friends. This stroller is very easy to open and close and is very durable. One of them has been used for two different babies and has been everywhere from the zoo to camping. Of course there is plenty of room to carry stuff in the basket and seems to be very comfortable to the babies. The second one purchased is still going strong with the first baby who has started walking now and likes to push it himself rather than ride in it. It is very sturdy and has survived being pushed down the driveway and slammed into a large rock. It has also been used as a planter box by this little guy. Mom was planting flowers so he "planted" and watered dirt.


Salt Lake City, UT


Tough, long lasting and the family pack mule


When great explorers go out to search uncharted territories they alway use a pack mule. The pack mule load everything they need for the trip. Need a dyper, wipe, formula, water, juice, extra coat, hat or gloves its all loaded in the stroller.  Our Graco stroller has been our family pack mule for years and has survived two kids, rough terrane and malls in at least eight states. This stroller is well build and has survived the long outdoor walks and being pulled in an out of the car several times a day. It has several cup holders for sippy cups and even a cup of coffee for a mom or dad. It has lots of storage under the seat and still has room to lay the seat down for a child to sleep. Its long lasting, both my children used this stoller until they were almost four years old. It easily folds up with the push of one button and a lock to keep it in place once folded. It fits easily in a small trunk or in the back of a mini van. It was one of the first and best baby shower gifts we have ever gotten.


Dunkirk, NY


takes a lickin and keeps on tickin'


I used this for my son when he was born it also came with the baby carrier.. He is three now and we are just now about to get rid of it. Not because it's worn out or damaged in anyway but because it has done it's duty and my son is old enough to walk and we are having another baby out with the old in with the new. This stroller has been dropped left outside in the rain and abused by a toddler and yet it shows no signs of mildew or wear. I really love this product! When I first got it I was a little confused because opening it is crazy. You have to turn the top with one hand and pull the stroller open with the other. This left me scratching my head. After I learned how to use it I had no problems at all and have even become a pro with one handed opening! It stores a lot of stuff on the bottom and is sturdy enough to put things on the handle.It has a cup holder for the child and two for the parents! Perfect. It also has a nifty tray for snacking for the child and one for the adult. Perfect for your keys wallet etc.


Chattahoochee, FL


Graco 643AE Series Stroller

4.6 7