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Graco 1.5 Gallon Cool Mist Humidifier


Graco 1.5 Gallon Cool Mist Humidifier Graco 1.5 Gallon Cool Mist Humidifier helps maintain a comfortable humidity level for easy baby breathing. It helps restore moisture to dry indoor air with noiseless operation. Especially designed for busy parents , it is equipped with a dishwasher safe tank and tray that makes cleaning easy. Perfect for use in nursery or bedroom, it's large storage tank can run up to 24 hours without any refill. Why You'll Love It: Lull baby into a peaceful slumber. Features Compact size - perfect for use in a nursery Large capacity tank holds enough water up to 24-hour operation Easy fill tank for fast, easy refills Easy-to-replace drop-in filter Works on TrueAir technology that helps baby breathe more comfortably Has two settings - high and QuietMist setting that emits soothing white noise to help baby sleep peacefully 1.5 gallon daily output Covers 360 square feet

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Does the job


My husband suffers from chronic coughing due to allergies. I use this humidifier in our room at nights and it provides much relief to him. It is very easy to remove the top half revealing where the filter goes and the water. The filter are easily replaceable and always in stock at our store. I really like that it is dishwasher safe as that saves so much time and I feel that it really gets a good cleaning. It has two settings that you can put it on a low and high setting. I usually just leave it on the low setting throughout the night. My husband and I sleep right through because it doesn't make any noise. The price of this humidifier and also the filters are very affordable.

Deer Park, TX


Love this!!


I usually use these in my children's rooms. Allergies are always a problem in my household. My pediatrician suggested us purchasing a humidifier and I have no complaints about this one. I would definitely recommend this to others.This is very easy to clean. I usually just use a disinfectant cloth to wipe it down and then change out the filter. The filters are also very affordable and usually very easy to find in the stores. I believe it is also dishwasher safe which is another plus. I really love how quiet it is when it is on, my children sleep right through it. That really says a lot because they are very light sleepers. The lid comes off easily to add the water. It comes with 2 settings (low and high). I feel that this product does exactly what it says it can do which is blowing a soft cool mist into the air restoring moisture.

Spring, TX


Great little humidifier!


With the arrival of our first child (now three years ago), we purchased this Graco humidifier for the nursery. One of the things that attracted us to it was not only the size, but the fact that it has the option of being turned to a "white noise" type setting. So it accomplishes two things at once: making the air more breathable in our Midwest home during the winter, and muffling noise in our not-so-well insulated home during naptime/bedtime. The only issue we had was buying the replacement filter every couple of months--our stores don't carry it. But Holmes makes a filter almost the same size, just needed to be trimmed down an inch. So overall, we would recommend this unit for anyone looking for a quality humidifier for a small space (and yes, it does last 24 hours for real!).

Warren, OH


Great humidifier for babies


I bought this humidifier when my oldest son was a baby, so I've had it for almost 3 years now. And I have continued to use it for my youngest son, who is now 8 months old. It has been a life-saver when either one of them is a little congested with colds in the winter months. The cool mist is not overpowering, and it doesn't make the room cold; it gives off just the right amount of air to add a little humidity to the room. I've actually had it going every night for the past week in the baby's room due to his stuffiness. It works wonders, and I really love the noise it makes. It's just the right amount of white noise - not too loud. I do have to change the filter fairly often, but the cost is pretty low. And many parts of the humidifier are dishwasher safe, which I love. Output Volume The volume is perfect for me. Performance I have not had any problems with water leakage or the performance of this humidifier. Ease of Cleaning Many parts are dishwasher-safe! Durability I've been using it fairly regularly for about 3 years.



Graco 1.5 Gallon Cool Mist Humidifier

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