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Got2b inPLAY Spiking Putty

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Can neither spike hair nor is it a putty, but it gives texture


I've tried like 20 putty like products. I usually like a pomade but this was on sale so I gave it a shot. First off it is not a putty, it is more like a very thick cream. Second it could never holds spikes. But it did help me achieve the short messy hair look I was going for. It gave me volume and made my thin hair seem thicker. It doesn't stick as well as I wanted. I wanted chunky pieces of hair. It isn't greasy or drying so that's good. The product is great for volumizing. But really is mis-named. Should be called like texturizing goo...



Awesome Product!


So after trying out the "Sculpting Paste", which I liked, I was eager to try the "Spiking Putty". I have thick, short, coarse hair, and always use the "maximum strength" of hair styling products. However, I steered away from the wax/putty type of products because the ones I have tried in the past made it feel like I have lumps of glue on my head. This one, however, I really liked - it feels "light," performs well, and washes off impressively well. I will make a switch to this product, and I highly recommend it.

Bloomington, IN


Got2b inPLAY Spiking Putty

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