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Got2b inPLAY Sculpting Paste

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Like the Putty from high school Art class


Although I am always open to new things this one was kind of a bust. No mind you I am not looking for a mohawk look or anything crazy but due to the frizziness of my hair I look for products that provide strong holds and keep hair in place with out frizzing out to a giant poof. **Got2b inPLAY Sculpting Paste** is just that, a thick putt-like substance that smells FANTASTIC!  However it was more like playing with putty. It does provide one strong hold but it was just a bit more than I need or was looking for. The Got2b line of products is kinda funny because you can find it anywhere just not any and all of their products. So if this is a product you like when you find it in stores either stock up or make a mental note where you found it because it may not be in the next stores selection. Not priced too high but it is a bit on the pricey side. For young boys looking to acheive messy or mohawk looks this might be a good one to give a shot.

Arlington, TX


Got2b's inPLAY sculpting paste works wonders for my hair!


As a Bzzagent, I received a sample of Got2b's inPLAY sculpting paste.  I have used many products for my hair, including various gels and mousse's, however, I have never received as many compliments about how my hair looks until using Got2b's inPLAY sculpting paste.  It is a great product that does not leave my hair feeling greasy or dirty.  It keeps my hair in place and allows it to look like I want it to look.  To me that is a product that does its job and is worth continuing to use.  I will keep buying this product and highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a great hair product.

Spartanburg, SC


Very good product


I generally don't like putty type of hair styling products, because they don't tend to apply well on my hair. This one, I would not have tried unless I was given the sample. It was honestly very good, and I think I will be making the switch to it from my regular product (Garnier Fructis gel). Goes on nicely and evenly, does not harden so it's easy to adjust, washes out easily. Only gripe would be that it may give you a "dirty" not-washed-in-a-while look, but that is what makes it flexible. Would give it 4.5 stars if I could.

Bloomington, IN


Holds your hair in style for the day


I have fairly short, straight hair of medium thickness that I generally wear parted on the side.  Without any product in my hair it may stand up.  I typically use gel, but have tried to use got2b inPLAY sculpting paste which I received for being a bzz agent.  The product has a slightly musky scent to it.  It comes in a flat container similar to a bar of soap.  Upon opening the container you are greeted with a thick white paste that you must dig into to access.  The first usage can be a bit tough to start as you are "breaking the smooth crust"  It is a very thick paste similar in consistency to a glue stick in thickness, but with a lightly grittier feel to it.  The instructions are to work teh product between your palms prior to applying to your hair.  Perhaps I do not work it enough before using but I have found that running it through my towel tried hair generates enough friction to pul out a hair to two.  It does work into my hair sufficiently enough to be styled, and a comb runs through it easily enough. I admit that this might not be the product that one would use for my simple styling needs as the cover does reference tousle, mold and rough up as styles for its use.  Upon styling my hair stays in place throughout the day, and does not feel particularly hard or tacky.  By the end of the day however, there is definitely a tackiness to my hair, almost like the stickiness of a post-it-note. 

Natick, MA


Got2b inPLAY Sculpting Paste

3.3 4