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Got2b fat-tastic Thickening Plumping Mousse

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Two thumbs up for Got2b!


In a spot for mousse product one day after running out of mine at home, I stopped on the way to work to pick up some. In a rather flustered mood, as my husband had used the last of my current mousse without informing me, I reached for the first product that I saw to be on sale at my local drugstore, which was the Got2b fat-tactic Thickening Plumping mousse. While my hair was mostly dry when I styled it in the car, it still worked relatively well so I was excited to see how it would work once I actually had the chance to use it in my daily routine correctly. That following day I used this mousse and it worked great! While my hair did feel a bit heavy, that was expected as the mousse is described as "fat-tastic" and has words like thickening and plumping in the title. Two thumbs up for this product! The price is relatively cheap too, especially if you hit a sale on it! Make sure you only use a little at first because you don't want it to weigh your hair down too much. I have thin, very straight hair though so that could be part of the weighing down issue as well.



Great for fine hair!


I have very fine hair and this mousse really does plump my hair.  I only use Got2b styling products for my hair since discovering that their products really work.  This mousse does not dry my hair out, it smells wonderful, and gives awesome volume to fine hair.  Although the product is a little pricey, it costs less than most salon products that claim to do what Got2b products really do for hair styles.  There are occasions when Got2b products are on sale--buy one, get one free!!

Houston, TX


Got2b Fat-Tastic Mousse is Great for Thin Hair


Got2b Fat-tastic Thickening Plumping Mousse is great for us gals with thin hair.  It comes out really easily into your hand when you press the button down.  It is nice and airy and has a great texture to it.  It goes into your hair very easily from your hands and does not leave your hair feeling greasy or stiff.  It also has a very pleasant smell to it.  It makes your hair feel really soft and after it is dry it is not weighed down with product like some other mousses I have used.  After styling it has nice hold to it and it also gives it some body to your hair.  It doesn't make your hair look stringy or full of product.  It also does not dull the color of your hair either.  The shape and color of the can are really fun too.  It makes me feel young!  It is easy to depress the mousse can to get the product out.  It also last for a long time if you have short hair like me.  A little goes a long way. 

Apex, NC


Got 2Be Fat-tastic Thickening Mousse is the absolute best ever!!


I am a sucker for all the new hair products that come out on the market so I have to try them all but everything I have tried especially mousse leaves my hair feeling filmy and tacky and feeling like it needs to be re-washed.  It also falls flat after about an hour. I just bought Got2Be Fattastic thickening and plumping mousse because it was on sale and it was buy one get one so what the heck! It blew me away by how great! my hair came out!! It not only made my hair look and feel like I had 3 times more hair then I actually do have but it felt soft and clean not at all sticky or stiff and filmy.  It stays full and each day after brushing it seems to feel and look even fuller! This is by far the absolute best product on the market and now I am only sorry I didn't buy more while it was on sale but I will buy it anyway because it is worth it's weight in gold!! It is still a good price too and how can you put a price on something that good!! I LOVE IT!

Johnston, RI


Got2b fat-tastic Thickening Plumping Mousse

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