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Got2b Rockin' It Hairspray

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Got2b Rockin' It Hairspray is power in a can!


I wasn't prepared for the first time I tried Got2b Rockin' It Hairspray. I'm used to the squirty liquid hairspray in a spritzer-type bottle, so when I pushed the button down on the Got2b aerosol bottle, the huge burst of spray was like my own personal wind tunnel of mist and fumes. After the initial shock wore off, I experimented with small, short bursts of spray and eventually got the hang of how to use this product. When I was finished, I decided to read the directions on the can, which I obviously should have done first. If I had done that, then I would have known that it's recommended to use this in short bursts with the can held 10-12 inches over my head. Oops. I've now been using the Got2b Rockin' It Hairspray for several days and I'm pretty happy with it. Now that I've learned the proper way to spray it, I've also figured out how to use it to enhance my frizzy curls. While the spray is still wet on my hair, I finger-comb my hair so that the spray sticks to the curls. So instead of spraying my hair in one big mist cloud, I spray individual sections to achieve the lock-in look that I want. I like that Got2b Rockin' It Hairspray isn't the aerosol hairspray from my high school days that made my hair heavy and crunchy. When used correctly, this hairspray is lightweight and my hair is crunch-free. However, if this is applied closely to my head, then it does result in the crunchy 80's hair style that I used to take pride in. Thank goodness that I've grown up and no longer desire the two inch high head bangs! Got2b Rockin' It Hairspray is a good product if you use it correctly. It seems geared towards the younger crowd but I think that anyone who likes aerosol hairsprays would be happy using it.



Got2b Rockin' It Hairspray

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