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Got2b Rockin' It Encore Fresh Dry Shampoo

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Absolutely love love got2b fresh it up dry shampoo


I recieved a free bottle in the mail from viewpoints to try and give my opinion of the got2b fresh it up dry shampoo in floral touch scent. Personally I have never used any dry shampoo products always have been skeptical of them,kinda always thought it would make my hair worse in between washes! Personally i wash my hair almost everyday and condtion 3 times a week unless i straighten my hair i skip washing for 2 days. I tried this product the night before right before bedtime the product smell was amazing didn't leave any kind of residue hair felt smooth absorbed the extra oils perfectly and couldn't even tell my hair was unwashed. So glad I got to try this defiantly is now a beauty must have will always keep this in my cabinet. If you haven't tried got2b dry shampoos yet i highly recommend that you do!!! Absolutely love my dey shampoo my hair says thank you got2b!!!!

Jefferson Nc


Yes! This is exactly what I needed for my busy life.


This is my favorite of all dry shampoos! I was sitting on the couch with my husband last night and he said to me your hair smells great today. I said thanks I haven't had a chance to shower yet today I only used dry shampoo. He laughed. This stuff smells amazing. It definitely seems to take a lot of the oils out of my hair. Rockin'It also seems to spray a lot nicer for me then most dry shampoo's. If you have a lot of white in your hair after using it you are spraying it to close to your head. Take it back a foot close your eyes then spray. Yes with all dry shampoo you will have a little white in your hair. Use this before you style and use a brush after. I will always recommend Rockin'It.

Muskegon, Mi


Gross dry shampoo.


This stuff does not soak up any of the oil in my hair at all! My hair is still just as much of a greasy mess as it is before I use it. It does not even help with the stringiness and my hair is still separated because of the oil. It smells like chemicals, like some type of house cleaner. It smells a little orangey. It does not lift my hair at all or give me any volume. I had noticed more of my hair fall out after using this a couple times, and I think that it may have been from using this. It was not extreme, but there was definitely more hair clogged in my drain and more hair combed out than normal. It gets crumbly and makes little flakes in my hair too. It leaves a light grey residue even after I work it in with my hands and brush through it. It was harder to style my hair after using this because the oil weighed it down. It actually made my hair heavier than it was before because the product just sat on top of it. Teasing my hair was just so difficult, and I had to give up because it kept falling down. Scent Smells like chemicals

Las Vegas, NV


Works but smells horrible


Got2b Rockin' It Encore Fresh Dry Shampoo is easy to use. You spray it on your roots, wait a few seconds, and then rub it in or brush out the residue. In a few seconds, your hair goes from greasy mess to just blown-out perfection. It helps me hit snooze a few more times before heading to work. Got2b Rockin' It Encore Fresh Dry Shampoo does work as far as spray dry shampoos work. Like other dry shampoos-it extended the life of my blowout and absorbed excess product from when I acccidentally apply too much mousse. My biggest problems with this one-it smells horrible, absolutely horrible. Don't apply this in a small space like a car as the smell will overpower you. I ended up choking when I used it because of the smell. Second, it only lasts a few uses. I probably got about 5 uses from the bottle. Also, I think in general the powder dry shampoos work much better. I'm going to stick with Lush's dry shampoo and Fekkai's in the future.

Marlton, NJ


Cleans wonderfully but slightly visible in dark hair


Got 2 Be is my favorite dry shampoo! I would have given it a "5" except there is ONE negative about this product: although it says on the bottle that it dries invisible, it IS slightly visible in dark hair. I have medium dark brown hair and if I concentrate too much spray in one area and don't rub it in or brush thoroughly, it will leave a white residue type look to the hair. That being said, for how inexpensive this is, it is THE best drugstore dry shampoo. You could spend 3 times as much and buy a high quality brunette dry shampoo but I just can't afford that. Also, this product comes in a fairly large bottle. Be sure to shake it well before use, REALLY well, because it will spray more evenly. I only use it on roots at top of head & sides of face, then let it dry a few seconds. It has a really clean scent, not too overpowering. I then rub it slightly with my fingertips, almost like a real shampoo, (although this step is not necessary, I have super oily hair and have found it works better when I do this.) Finally, I'll brush my hair root to tip with a stiff bristle brush and it looks amazingly clean with no limpness or oil. If you need to have an up-do, this is the perfect product to use on dirty hair to make it stay in hard to hold styles. Overall, I really love it, I just wish that they would make a brunette hair version.



Good inexpensive dry shampoo


Overall this dry shampoo works good on the days when you don't want to go through the trouble or time of washing your hair. It removes oil and makes your hair look clean and light. Effectiveness Got2Be does a good job and making your hair look clean on days when you decide to skip the regular washing. I do feel that my hair does start to feel a little weighed down by the end of the day when I use this product vs other dry shampoos that I have used. Scent It has a really light scent that doesn't linger or last very long so it doesn't interfere with shampoo /conditioner scents or with hairspray and perfume scents.

North Wales, PA


Got2B fresh dry shampoo works!


This is a GREAT product! i have curly hair and there are times i dont want to go through the process of washing it so i use Got2b Fresh Dry Shampoo. It works wonders. I can last another day with my hair looking fresh. Effectiveness Hair looks clean after using it. It does what it says which its like applying shampoo to it leaving it looking clean without going through the hassle of washing it. Just dont over doing it in spraying it on cause then it will take just as long to comb out the 'dry shampoo' it leaves behind. Scent The scent is strong so dont over do it.

Orlando, FL


Got2b Rockin' It Encore Fresh Dry Shampoo

4.0 7